US presidential election | 2024 | Who are the candidates?

US presidential election : Dec. 19, Reuters While President Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, six Republican contenders are vying to be their party’s presidential nominee in the general election of 2024. A number of third-party candidates have also entered the race.

The candidates are listed here.

Donald Trump | US presidential election|

In a move that has surprised many by garnering support from Republicans, Trump has accepted that he has been indicted in four different criminal cases. This has allowed him to collect money and gain popularity among Republicans, positioning him as the front-runner with 61% of the vote in the most recent Reuters/Ipsos survey.


The Justice Department has refuted Trump’s claim that the indictments are a political witch hunt intended to obstruct his bid for a second four-year term. Trump, 77, has made this claim. In the event that he wins the presidency once more, Trump has promised to exact retribution on those he views as his adversaries and has begun to speak in an increasingly autocratic manner, claiming he would only rule “on day one.”

Other significant reforms that he has pledged to implement include eliminating birthright citizenship, mass deportations, and a revamp of the federal civil service with loyalists. Along with eliminating Obamacare’s health insurance, he also pledged to tighten trade restrictions with China.

NIKKI HALEY | US presidential election|

Haley, 51, a former governor of South Carolina and Trump’s envoy to the UN, has highlighted her relative youth in comparison to Biden, 81, and Trump, as well as her Indian immigrant parents.

In the Republican Party, Haley has established a reputation as a strong conservative with the capacity to speak more credibly than many of her contemporaries when it comes to matters of gender and race. Additionally, she has positioned herself as a strong advocate for US interests overseas.

Republicans endorsed her at a rate of 12%, per the Reuters/Ipsos survey. Haley has consistently outperformed opponent Ron DeSantis in state-level surveys, particularly in South Carolina and New Hampshire, where she has the support of Governor Chris Sununu.

RON DESANTIS | US presidential election|

The governor of Florida has aligned himself with Trump on a number of important social issues, including abortion, but his campaign has not gained any steam. As of December 11, he is still 50 percentage points behind the former president in a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Despite firing employees and restarting his campaign multiple times, 45-year-old DeSantis’s bid has not gained much traction.

The campaign claims that its primary goal is to prevent Trump from winning in Iowa, the site of the party’s inaugural nomination contest in January. Kim Reynolds, the governor of popular Iowa, gave him a boost on November 6 and saw a tiny increase in a recent statewide survey.

RAMASWAMY VIVEK | US presidential election|

Ramaswamy, 38, a former biotechnology executive and investor, founded a company in 2022 to put pressure on businesses to drop corporate governance, social, and environmental efforts. Despite generating a lot of talk among the general public as a possible Trump substitute, the political outsider has only garnered 7% of the vote in the Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Ramaswamy, who is a devoted follower of the outgoing president, has angered his opponents by using foul language during arguments. He has additionally shown support.

CHARRIS CHRISTIE | US presidential election|

Christie, 61, provided advice to Trump during his 2020 presidential campaign, but following the attack on January 6, he loudly denounced the former president and increased his verbal abuse of him as the former president was being charged with an increasing number of crimes.

The former federal prosecutor and governor of New Jersey has stated that he is growingly certain that Trump will be found guilty and has positioned himself as one of the few Republicans who is prepared to confront Trump head-on rather than try to curry favor with him.

In the most recent poll, Christie received barely 2% of the vote.

ASA HUTCHINSON | US presidential election|

US presidential election : In April, the former governor of Arkansas announced his presidential candidacy, urging Trump to resign so that he could handle the former president’s first indictment. Hutchinson, 73, has cited tax cuts and job creation programs as examples of how his experience as governor of a fervently conservative state demonstrates his ability to implement policies that Republican voters value.

Hutchinson did not receive any support in the December Reuters/Ipsos poll and was only eligible for the first Republican debate.


Joe Biden

Amidst concerns about his age and low support ratings, Biden, who is already the oldest U.S. president at 81, will need to persuade voters that he has the endurance for a further four years in office.

According to Biden’s allies, he thinks he is the only Democratic contender who can beat Trump.

In announcing his campaign, Biden mentioned the deadly attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, and stated that it was his duty to protect American democracy. He has Kamala Harris as his running companion once more. US presidential election

As the head of the Western governments’ reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden convinced partners to impose sanctions on Russia and back Kyiv. Now, he must convince the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans, to approve further funding.

While some in his party have urged Biden to press for a ceasefire, he has also faced hecklers at rallies and criticism from his administration for siding with Israel over Hamas fighters in Gaza.

He has pushed through significant infrastructure spending plans and economic stimulus packages at home to increase industrial output in the United States, though voters have not given him much credit for the latter.

Republicans and Democrats have criticized Biden’s handling of immigration policy as record numbers of people have crossed the border between the United States and Mexico during hisadministration.

Marilyn Williamson | US presidential election |

The 71-year-old self-help expert and best-selling author Marianne Williamson has announced her second, long-shot presidential campaign on the theme of “justice and love.”US presidential election

She entered the 2020 presidential primary as a Democrat but withdrew before any votes could be cast. She will be on the ballot in the New Hampshire primary after launching her most recent candidacy on March 23.

DAEAN PHILLIPS | US presidential election |

A little-known congressman from Minnesota named Dean Phillips declared in October that he would launch a long-shot challenge to Biden on the grounds that he doesn’t think the president can win another term.

In a one-minute video that was uploaded online, the 54-year-old rich businessman and co-founder of the gelato company declared his bid, stating: “We’ve had some hurdles…. We are determined to rebuild both America and this economy.”

Separates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | US presidential election|

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a 69-year-old anti-vaccine activist, first challenged Biden for the Democratic candidacy and is now running as an independent, but he is behind badly in the polls.

However, a Reuters/Ipsos online survey conducted from December 5–11 revealed that Kennedy would receive more support from Biden than from Trump in the presidential contest, where independent candidates have influenced the results of American elections even when they do not win.US presidential election

He is the son of Senator Robert F. Kennedy of the United States, who was slain in 1968 while running for president himself. Kennedy was temporarily removed from Instagram after disseminating false material on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines. His attempt to get YouTube owner Google to remove footage of him raising doubts about the efficacy of COVID vaccinations was unsuccessful.

WEST CORNEL | US presidential election |

The philosopher, professor, and political activist declared in June that he will run as a third-party candidate for president, a move that is expected to appeal to progressive and Democratic supporters.

In October, West, then 70, declared his candidacy as an independent after stating that voters “want good policies over partisan politics” in his first campaign as a Green Party candidate. He has pledged to provide housing security and eradicate poverty.US presidential election

STEIN JILL | US presidential election|

Doctor Jill Stein relaunched her 2016 Green Party campaign on November 9. Democrats, according to her, have consistently betrayed their promises “for working people, youth, and the climate – while Republicans don’t even make such promises in the first place.”

Following Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016, Stein, then 73, raised millions of dollars for recounts. Only one Wisconsin electoral review—which concluded that Trump had won—was prompted by her accusations.

Editing by Jonathan Oatis, Lisa Shumaker, and Daniel Wallis; reporting by Costas Pitas and Susan Heavy.

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