Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results USA


Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results

The consequences of a motorcycle being struck by a car, truck, or other large vehicle can be disastrous. The motorcyclist may sustain potentially fatal injuries from the impact that take months or even years to heal if they are not properly protected.

The consequences of a motorcycle being struck by a car, truck, or other large vehicle can be disastrous. The motorcyclist may sustain potentially fatal injuries from the impact that take months or even years to heal if they are not properly protected.


It matters which law firm you choose. With over 60 years of expertise, the motorcycle accident attorneys at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys have defended harmed parties. Motorcycle accident victims have benefited from sizable settlements and verdicts obtained by our distinguished personal injury attorneys.

The National Board of Trial Advocacy has accredited us as board-certified attorneys, and we have been named one of America’s Best Lawyers on multiple occasions. Above all, we achieve outcomes.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results USA:

We take cases involving motorcycle accidents on a contingency fee basis. This implies that until we prevail in your case, there is no fee to you. You won’t be charged for our services if our attorney is unable to win your case. Additionally, you won’t have to pay anything up in advance or from your own cash.

In this manner, the expense won’t prevent you from obtaining the greatest legal counsel available. It will allow you to focus on other expenses related to your motorbike accident, like as medical bills and repair charges, without having to worry about how you will pay for legal fees. If the case is settled or a verdict is rendered, our fees will be deducted from our recover.

You have nothing to lose by discussing your case with our motorcycle accident attorney—the initial session is completely free.

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

A personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents can assist you in filing a case to collect damages after a motorcycle accident, including:

  • Future and present medical expenses
  • Physical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Diminished income or diminished ability to earn
  • Anguish and suffering
  • Emotional and mental suffering
  • Modified standard of living

In the worst case scenario, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help the victims’ families sue negligent drivers for wrongful death.

How a motorcycle accident attorney can support your claim is as follows:

Investigate the Motorcycle Accident

Any kind of accident requires a comprehensive investigation to determine the reason for the collision and determine who is responsible for it. To ensure that your motorcycle accident claim is adequately substantiated, we will identify the liable party through the use of expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, and private detectives.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results USA:

We’ll start negotiating with the insurance provider as soon as we ascertain the potential value of your motorbike accident case. Depending on the complexity of the case and the extent of your catastrophic injuries, the settlement process may take many weeks or months at times.

States have different regulations for motorbike insurance. Most states have minimum coverage requirements of $10,000 per person for property damage, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 per person for bodily injury. It goes without saying that if you sustained any common motorcycle accident injuries, such as traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injury, fractured bones, road rash, or even death, the minimum coverage for injuries is unlikely to pay for the expense of your medical care.

Represent Your Claim in Court

There are instances when reaching a settlement outside of court is not possible. In the event that this occurs, our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers are equipped to litigate your case. Till the trial starts, negotiations will go on.

If necessary, Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys is always prepared to take your case to trial in order to secure justice for you, even though many personal injury attorneys would rather settle out of court.

Why Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle accidents by their very nature usually result in catastrophic injuries, which can lead to a complicated personal injury claim that is challenging to manage on your own. These injuries frequently result in high medical costs, lost wages or the inability to work, and both physical and mental misery. Even while the insurance company might pay you a settlement, it’s unlikely that it will fully compensate you for your losses. Those with legal representation typically earn far more money than those without.

The National Highway Road Safety Administration reports that 5,579 motorcycle riders in the US were killed in road accidents in 2020Motorcycle riders are more likely to be seriously hurt or even killed by other cars’ size and weight while they are on the road. They have a 29-fold higher likelihood of dying in an accident and a 4-fold higher risk of being injured compared to a car driver or passenger.

Usually, an injured victim’s present expenses will be the only ones included in the settlement offer from the insurance company; future expenses or pain and suffering may not be covered.

How Much is a Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

If a lawyer makes a settlement offer too early in the process, you should be wary of them because every case is unique and compensation will rely on several criteria. At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, an accomplished motorbike attorney will know how to look at your claim in great detail and present a demand based on the highest amount you are entitled to. Your motorcycle accident attorney will then keep you informed throughout the negotiation process and won’t take a settlement offer without your approval.

Having said that, the settlement you obtain for your case will be determined by the severity of your injuries, the expense of your hospital stays, operations, and any further or continuing medical care. It will also depend on how much time you have to miss from work due to the injury and/or how it will impact your future employment prospects. The amount of pain and suffering you have experienced and will continue to experience as a result of the crash will also be taken into account in your compensation. The available insurance coverage will also have an impact on the amount of compensation you receive.

How Do I Know I Have a Case?

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results USA:

The first thing you should do is get in touch with a personal injury attorney at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys to find out if you have a case involving a motorcycle accident. After hearing your tale and reviewing the relevant documentation, we will discuss your legal options with you. There is no cost for the consultation. There is no danger in consulting with a lawyer to see whether you have a case, even if you are not sure. In reality, speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you with the knowledge you need to safeguard your legal rights and make well-informed choices regarding your damage claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Be Held Responsible for My Motorcycle Accident?

Sometimes other people are the cause of an accident, even though it is usually the driver or the motorcycle that is at blame. Your motorcycle accident attorney must provide evidence of the following in order to establish negligence:

  • Duty: The person who was at fault was obligated to protect the injured biker.
  • Breach: The responsible person hurts others by failing to uphold their duty of care.
  • Causation: Injuries were caused by the duty breach.
  • Damages: Any costs incurred by you as a result of the motorbike accident are referred to as damages. This covered lost income, medical expenses, and property damage. Non-economic losses like agony and the loss of a loved one’s company are also considered damages.

What Are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Although there are a number of reasons why motorcycle accidents occur, human error is the most frequent culprit. A motorcyclist may suffer a catastrophic injury as a result of another driver’s negligence.

Several typical reasons include

Distracted Driving: Any activity that diverts a driver’s focus from operating a motor vehicle is considered distracted driving. Although the most common sources of distraction are phones and technology, other factors that may cause distractions include other drivers, passengers in the car, eating or drinking while operating a vehicle, and even hands-free phone calls or other electronic devices.

Aggressive Driving: The NHTSA defines aggressive driving as when a driver repeatedly causes harm to another person by traffic infractions, such as speeding, tailgating, or cutting off another vehicle.

Turns left: The degree of danger associated with a left turn may surprise you. A left-hand turn is responsible for about 61 percent of all traffic accidents, according to Popular Mechanics. The car making the left-hand turn will usually be held accountable for the accident in the majority of these cases.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting: Motorcycle lane splitting can result in accidents and be risky for both cars and riders. This is crucial to understand since it may limit the motorcyclist’s ability to hold the other driver legally responsible for damages if it is shown that the rider was lane-splitting at the time of the collision.

Dangerous Road Conditions: A motorbike accident might occur from the smallest pothole. Poor road conditions, such as uneven pavement or slick roads, can make a motorcycle imbalanced, which can topple over and inflict significant injury.

What Should We Do In the Days Following a Motorcycle Accident?

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Get Results USA:

Seeking medical assistance for your injuries is the most crucial thing to do in the days following your motorbike accident. You must find out how serious your injuries are, what your treatment options are, and how long it will take you to heal. Maintaining a medical record for your motorcycle accident attorney to evaluate is a wise decision.

Additionally, you should compile all of your pertinent paperwork for the personal injury attorney to look over. This contains the police report, your insurance policy, pictures and video from the scene of the collision, the repair invoices, any witness contact details, and any medical costs. Keeping a record of all the time you missed from work as a result of the injury is advised, including any paid time off or vacation.

The insurance provider for the at-fault party will contact you after the motorbike accident to inquire further about the details of the collision. The adjuster might attempt to take a statement from you or record your exchange. Recall that you are not required to discuss the accident or your injuries with the other insurance provider. Refusing to have your talk recorded in the absence of your accident attorney is another wise move. Any recorded statements could be used as proof by the defendant’s insurance provider to refute your claim.

If you do talk with the insurance adjuster before contacting our knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer, be sure to confine your remarks to the case’s specific facts and keep your remarks concise. Don’t comment on the incident or take responsibility for it.

Most significantly, wait to accept a settlement offer from an insurance provider until you’ve spoken with a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorney motorcycle accident lawyer. Accepting a settlement offer means you will probably give up any future claim for more money, even if your injury gets worse.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Are Here to Help

It’s important to get in touch with a lawyer right away if you were hurt in a motorbike accident. Memories fade with time and evidence can vanish rapidly. There will be a loss of many case details, making it challenging to establish who caused your injury. Even if you believe it is too early to determine whether you have a case or not, it is in your best benefit to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Before it’s time to file a lawsuit, a motorcycle accident lawyer will listen to your tale, offer advice, and assist you with any necessary actions.

To arrange a free consultation if you or a loved one was hurt in a motorbike accident, get in touch with Munley Law right now.

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