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What is a SIM Database and How Can It Help You?

A collection of data regarding SIM cards and their owners is called a SIM database. To access a network and make calls, send messages, or browse the internet, your mobile phone has to have a SIM card, which is a tiny chip. A network code, a security code, and a unique identification number are all stored on a SIM card. These particulars, together with the owner’s name, address, phone number, CNIC number, and other private data, are contained in a SIM database.

There are several uses for a SIM database, including:

  • Tracking down the owner of a stolen or misplaced phone. You can utilize a SIM database to find out who is using your SIM card and where they are located if you misplace your phone or it is stolen. After then, you can get in touch with them or report them to the police.
  • Verifying the identify of an individual. A SIM database can be used to look up a person’s name, CNIC number, and other information if you want to be sure they are who they say they are. This can assist you in avoiding identity theft, fraud, and scams.
  • Verifying the SIM card’s registration status. You can use a SIM database to check the registration status of your SIM card to make sure it is consistent with telecom legislation and is registered. You can prevent fines, penalties, and disconnections by doing this.
  • Examining and contrasting various network packages and services. A SIM database can be used to evaluate various network services and packages if you’d want to move to a new network or select a better plan for your mobile phone. You may obtain the finest value and save money by doing this.

How to Access a SIM Database?

While there are numerous ways to obtain a SIM database, using an online SIM database provider is among the simplest and most practical options. A website or an app that lets you check SIM card details for free or for a modest cost is known as an online SIM database service. To retrieve the necessary information, all you have to do is input the SIM card’s CNIC or cell number. is among Pakistan’s top providers of online SIM database services. With the help of this tool, you may find out who owns a Pakistani mobile number, its location, and the mobile network. Additionally, it provides network carrier identity, SIM registration status, and CNIC verification. You can use the Simdatabase app or phone *786# to access this service. is an additional online SIM database service available in Pakistan.With this service, you may find out who owns a Pakistani cell number and its CNIC details. Network carrier identification and SIM registration status are also provided. Using the Simownership app or by dialling *6767#, you can get this service.

What is the SIM database online?

The introduction of the Sim Database online has made it easier to find out information about Pakistani mobile numbers. This website provides easy access to a variety of SIM owner details, such as addresses, location tracking, CNIC information, SIM card data, and more.

A number of services are available on the website “,” including a CNIC information system, Live Tracker, Sim owner details, and an online SIM database. Both corporations and individual users can benefit from these tools. In the event that you require help identifying the people who are making unfamiliar calls, this platform is a dependable resource to reach out to for aid.

List of Website sharing sim databases online

Where can I find the following: Sim ownership, mobile location, live location, and Sim database 2023? With the help of this app, you can track and trace the phone numbers of anybody who communicates with you on your mobile device. Additionally, this website is based on pakdata ga,, pakdata cf, and

Online Sim Database Live Tracker also provides a number of extra features and guarantees 100% accuracy in its results. Our online sim database system is updated frequently to guarantee the most recent and accurate information about sim owners. Users can follow the real-time location of a SIM owner’s details with’s Live Tracker tool. From time to time, users can also obtain other information, like the SIM’s activation status, which includes the activation date and whether the SIM is active or inactive.

How can you use our online Pak Sim Database to confirm your SIM?

With Sim Database online, you can not only obtain sim ownership details for numbers that belong to other people, but you can also confirm which SIMs are registered under your CNIC. With just a few clicks, our system’s painstaking design allows for a hassle-free verification process. Through the online Sim Database, users can obtain information on the location, name, address, and CNIC of a sim owner.

Advantages’s online SIM database provides customers with a number of noteworthy advantages. The following are some of the main benefits:

Stopping Deceptive Practices

People can protect themselves from different fraudulent actions and mobile frauds by routinely accessing the online sim database. Crimes involving the misuse of SIM cards have increased in tandem with the growth in mobile phone usage. Citizens can stay up to date on their sim registration information by accessing this database online, which helps thwart potential fraud.

Monitoring Misplaced or Stolen Phones

The sim database online from provides a service through the live tracker, helping the tracking of lost or stolen devices in the unfortunate case of losing a mobile phone or experiencing theft.

Information provided by Sim Database online

What sort of data is connected to the “sim owner details” sim database on the internet? The online sim database at provides a range of information that is only accessible for legitimate purposes.

Examine Sim Database Online: Use Sim Data Check to Explore Phone Numbers

In order to confirm an individual’s record in the SIM database online, they must have a valid CNIC number. It is impossible to check Pakistani SIM data without this crucial information. It is advisable to exercise caution while using SIM checkers apps and software, even when they claim to check SIM and CNIC information. Sensitive user information is at risk because many of these applications are fake.

Steer clear of these dishonest apps and websites since they could jeopardize your SIM card and mobile data privacy. Avoid submitting your CNIC information onto unapproved platforms on other websites; this is highly advised.

The official website of the Pakistani government,, is the only reliable and authorized source for online SIM database checks. Utilizing this website to locate your SIM database records will help to ensure the security of your information. When looking for precise, safe, and secure SIM information retrieval, be wary of unapproved sources and give priority to the government’s official website.

Stay Safe: Verify the SIM numbers that are linked to your name and CNIC

  • It’s important to check the registrations of your SIM cards because PTA allows each person to register up to five SIM cards against their valid CNIC. You can only register up to five SIMs against a single CNIC, therefore if you have more SIMs than that, you won’t be able to register them. Take these easy procedures to find out how many SIM cards are currently registered under your CNIC:
  • Visit the website
  • Enter your CNIC number in the space provided.
  • The SIM Information System will show a list of SIMs registered on your CNIC when you click the checkbox.
  • As an alternative, you can text your CNIC number to 668 to find out how many SIM cards are linked to it.
  • Keep your SIM registrations up to current and informed to guarantee that you are adhering to PTA rules and efficiently managing your SIM cards.
  • You should easily monitor and retrieve your registered SIM details by using the practical ways that PTA has made available.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Increased protection
  • enhanced resource management for companies

Issues and Ethical Perspectives:

Notwithstanding the advantages, moral questions about user privacy, data misuse, and possible monitoring technology abuse surface.


A SIM database is a helpful tool that can be used to evaluate various network services and packages, discover the owner of a lost or stolen phone, confirm someone’s identification, and check the status of a SIM card’s registration. Using an online SIM database service, like or, you can access a SIM database. These services offer accurate and trustworthy information and are user-friendly. So, why do you hesitate? See for yourself how a SIM database can benefit you by giving them a try today. Remember to forward this article to your friends and family as well, as they may also require assistance in locating SIM card details. Happy looking!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Do SIM Databases Work?

Technical Mechanism: SIM databases store and retrieve data quickly thanks to sophisticated algorithms. Secure authentication and encryption procedures are part of the technical system.

Measures for Database Security: SIM databases employ strong security measures to address privacy issues, preventing unwanted access to sensitive information.

What Does the Future Hold for SIM Databases?

Technological Advancements: Improved AI integration is one anticipated development that will make the system more responsive and user-friendly.

Regulations: To address moral issues and guarantee the appropriate use of SIM databases, regulations may change in the future1.

Are SIM Databases Used Only for Mobile Phones?

SIM cards are mostly employed in mobile phones, although SIM databases are also utilized in other devices:

IoT Devices: SIM databases are necessary for connectivity in Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have embedded SIMs.

Tablets and laptops: SIM cards are used and SIM databases are accessed by devices with cellular capabilities.

M2M Communication: SIM databases are used by machine-to-machine (M2M) communication devices to communicate safe data.

Can SIM Databases Be Hacked?

  • Even if SIM databases are built with strong security safeguards, hacking can still occur in any system.
  • Identity theft, fraudulent activity, and privacy breaches can result from unauthorized access to SIM databases.
  • We must conduct regular security assessments and updates in order to reduce vulnerabilities. Read more

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