How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours


How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network. I think this is the best source of income for every blogger or web developer. In the beginning,

 new bloggers faced a lot of problems getting approved for AdSense, such as being under construction, already having an account, and having illegal content. In this post, I will tell you how to solve these problems.

How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours
How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours

If you are reading this post, you already have a Blogger or WordPress blog or you are thinking of starting a blog. If you have enough money to invest in blogging then I would recommend you to start a blog in WordPress not blogger. If you don’t have much money then you can use blogger to get the initial information. Every new blogger wants to display AdSense ads in his blog because AdSense is the main source of earnings for new bloggers. But AdSense is very strict about approving websites that have just created their blogs. You have to follow all their policies and standards to get AdSense approval for your blog.

AdSense Disapproved:

If you apply for AdSense before reading this article, you may face this problem.

Fix the problem under construction:

If you have made any changes to your site after adding the AdSense code, AdSense will reply “Your site is under construction”.

If you don’t include a privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us, terms, and disclaimer pages on your site, AdSense will send you the same message.

To acquire AdSense clearance, you must add your social media links. You must have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and you must add them to their front page.

If you use other ad networks, you must remove them.

AdSense account problem already solved.

If you have already created an AdSense account with the same address and site, it will show “You already have an AdSense account”. You can cancel the account to resolve this issue. If you don’t know the mail address, you can click on troubleshooting in your email to solve this problem, as others may use your mail for AdSense approval. If you know the mail, follow these steps. To cancel an account, you need to go to your AdSense account, then Settings—Personal Settings—Cancel this account. They ask you to choose a reason. You can select any of them. After canceling your account, you will need to confirm your email address.

You can also avoid mail by deleting your payment address. To delete a payment address, go to Google Account Manager, then go to Payments, and now go to Subscriptions, then Manage Subscription, and then go to Settings. The bottom of the page must then be reached by scrolling down. Here you can find the option to close the payment address. Just click on it and tell them why you want to do so, and they will close the address.

Fix website not found problem.

How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours
How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours

If you’re just using or, you’ll need to add a custom domain to implement your site in AdSense. If you don’t add a custom domain, you can’t apply for AdSense. But you can approve it at But the account will be hosted. After 6 months, your website will be approved for AdSense.

Don’t forget to enable to redirect to if you use a custom domain. If you don’t do this, AdSense will reply, that your website was not found.

Blogger’s AdSense Approval Trick:

To get AdSense approved, you need to follow the steps to start earning. I have more than 2 blogs and got AdSense approval with some tricks. You can follow them.

Buy a custom domain:

To add your website to AdSense and get approved for AdSense, you need to add a custom domain to your site. Sometimes you may hear, that you need a top-level domain. But you can easily get approval for any domain. But you cannot approve free domains .xml, .tk, and more.

SSL Certificate:

How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours
How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours

The SSL certificate is very important for AdSense and ranking. Google always wants security.

AdSense will check the security of your site.

So, download an SEO-friendly template. If the template uses both HTTP and HTTPS, AdSense will not approve your website. If you are using WordPress, then Generate Premium will be perfect for you. Download GP PREMIUM If you are a blogger, you can find many free templates for SEO on the internet.

I solved this problem by changing the theme of my Blogger website.

Write unique articles to get approved for AdSense:

To get approved for AdSense, you need to write 500–1000 words of unique content in English. But not all users know proper English.

You can use these procedures to create original English content.

Post in your language. Then copy it Paste it into Google Translate and translate it to English. Then you can publish it. You can create an original article using your videos as well. I have already published a video where I show you how to get unique content from YouTube videos.

You will not get approved for AdSense if you write any illegal or child abuse content.

Pages required for AdSense approval:

You have created 5 pages for AdSense approval.

Privacy Policy

You have created a privacy policy page and this page is necessary to get AdSense approval. Without this page, you can approve AdSense. You can easily create this through any privacy policy generator website. Just do a Google search for privacy policy generator for websites and you will find many free privacy policy generator websites.

Contact us.

You need to create a contact form with Google Forms and Zoho Forms. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll find plenty of Contact Us Page Maker plugins.

all about us

You have to write about yourself on this page. Make sure you write more than 500 words. You can share your journey, what you’re doing, and more on this page.


You can easily generate a disclaimer from any disclaimer generator website. You can find a disclaimer generator website from Google.

Site Map

Just share your website’s sitemap URL. It is not necessary. The sitemap URL looks like

Responsive Website Theme:

A website theme is a big factor in getting approved for AdSense. You need to install SEO-friendly templates where AdSense will find space for your ads.

Generate Press is the best WordPress theme for WordPress. You can download it from here.

Remove footer credits:

Remove footer credits from your Blogger template to get approved for AdSense. You can easily remove footer credits by watching YouTube videos. If you are a WordPress user, you can easily credit your footer.

Multiple Posts:

Most of my visitors ask how many posts are needed to get approved for AdSense.

Google AdSense approves with a list of 15 posts. But I suggest you write 25 posts, then apply for AdSense.

Niche Content:

Avoid hacking, child abuse, cracking, adult, and drag sanding content on your site.

Create SEO-friendly blog posts.

Google Search Console:

How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours
How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours

AdSense is stricter now. Publishers must submit their sites to Google Search Console.

Sometimes this is not a factor in AdSense approval.

Your blog language:

Write a unique AdSense-sponsored article to get approved for AdSense. But chances will increase if you write everything in English.

Link your social media to the blog:

Integrate your social media to make your site AdSense friendly. If you have a Facebook page and YouTube channel, get in touch.

But you should add 1 social media to your blog.

12 Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

In case you’ve never been supported, Google AdSense can be an undeniably challenging monster, to tell the truth. On the off chance that you still have a supported site on Google AdSense, it’s exceptionally easy to add different sites to your account.

However, what about those individuals who have never been validated, or who have great difficulty obtaining support? That’s exactly what this rundown is for.

Before I start, I have to explain a step called Ezoic. Stage works with Google AdSense (which I love anyway) and human-generated brain power to place your promotions more decisively without destroying your client’s experience. uses

Likewise, they have another site speed module, on the off chance that your site is really slow. This is a very robotic, cool module, so definitely check it out. How to Get AdSense Approved for YouTube

Update: If you have more than 10,000 monthly site hits, Ezoic is the best choice by a wide margin. So far, every one of my sites is on Ezoic because it has been shown to bring in more cash than both AdSense and

1) High-quality material is important.

Number one is that my thought process is probably the most important thing if you’re trying to get started with Google AdSense. That is, you want to make sure that your site has excellent content.

Some people think it doesn’t matter, but it does, because Google is currently making sure that the sites, they’re supporting aren’t just too much malicious content or that they don’t. People who are repurposing content from different sites.

They need to make sure they are excluded from their query items, so ignore anyone who is trying to chase fast tracks. You will not be supported by Google AdSense. Just make sure your site has great content. To help you understand what Google thinks is great, you can check out the Google Publisher Policies.

Google needs the best results in its web search tool’s results pages, so if you don’t have great content, there’s a good chance you’ll get rejected.

They won’t optimize your site because they know that if they don’t, you probably won’t bring in the cash and you’ll probably walk away.

2) Create 10-15 posts

Number two returns to the best substance. Before applying to Google AdSense, You should have 10-15 great gifts on your site to make sure that Google realizes that you are taking it seriously and that your site is but a few articles that are cash-in. can bring

As a rule of thumb, you need to have 10,000-15,000 words on your site. Assuming you have 1000-1500 words for each article, this is a very reasonable number. This will help you gain traction as it reflects the tone of your site and helps Google understand the nature of your content, which is very important.

3) Create about and contact pages

Number three is something that I think a lot of people miss. When you create a site, you should have an About and Contact page before applying to Google AdSense. Minimum traffic for AdSense approval

This is exceptionally basic why; When Google is investigating your site, they need to be sure that it is genuine, so they need to understand who is behind the site. Likewise, you can remember different staff members for your About page.

It is also important to have a contact page with the aim that all your site visitors can contact you if needed. By having these two pages, you will also validate the way that you are a real business. This is important for Google when they are checking you out from an AdSense point of view.

4) Create a security strategy page

How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours
How to Get AdSense Approved Fast Within 2 Hours

Number four is to make sure you create a security strategy page. This is a common stumbling block that people make when they say, “I don’t have the foggiest idea what to remember for a security strategy page.”

Indeed, you can look on Google and track down many different generators. The important thing to know is that Google needs specific action words in your security strategy.

This connection explains everything Google AdSense has to say about security strategy, including the action words they think you should remember to manage. It is quite straightforward; You just need to reset it.

Check out my list of security strategy generators with free and paid options to help you.

5) Verify that site content is not on a limited rundown.

 How to Get AdSense Approval

Number five is one that I think some people probably don’t consider before building a site. That is, you want to make sure that your substance is not at the limited rundown.

Google AdSense has a limited path. Say goodbye to Shinran if you have a site and your substance is limited it’s just true.

There are different rules, so here’s a link that tells you what the distributor’s limits are.

As a rule, you can’t do anything sexual, and you can’t have anything shocking, such as murder, psychological warfare, explosives, firearms, tobacco, sports drugs, or alcohol deals. , internet betting, prescription drugs, and unapproved drugs or enhancements.

Unapproved drugs or enhancements are something that I think was added late. Assuming you have a wellness-based site and include various enhancements that cannot be demonstrated or are questionable, Google AdSense may deny you it.

6) Don’t use saved images.

Try not to use saved images. I feel compelled to put as much pressure on him as possible. Assuming you took the image straight from Google and put it on your site, never do that in the future.

There are freedoms of use that protect the photography artists who attempt to use these images. They should be paid for their work. How to Get AdSense Approval for Blogger

On the off chance that you just go to Google and snap a picture and put it up, there’s a good chance that Google AdSense will come in there, see what you’ve done, and say, “No, we don’t support you. Because these aren’t even your photos.

This is not a realistic approach to getting things done, so make sure you don’t.

In case you’re out there saying, “Actually, I don’t have a lot of money for pictures,” or “I have no idea where to get pictures,” I have two unique sources for one. I use . . The first is completely free and is called

Others cost cash however there are many pictures that you can get for a sensible price on the off chance that you plan monthly. This is In case you’re interested, you can feel free to tap on that connection and head right over there to see what they’ve got.

7) Know that (sometimes) site age matters.

It doesn’t matter all over the place, but I need to add it here. In some cases, the age of your site matters. AdSense approval time

It’s no joke in the US and many different countries, yet Google calls out to those living in China and India that you want to upload your sites a year and a half before applying. Google AdSense.

I accept that they did this because several fake sites were built and operated around their Google query items.

They could do without how individuals were trying to control the framework. I have no clue as to each of the nuances, yet I have a feeling they referred to these two nations.

So suppose you are in one of these two nations, stand still for a year and a half. If you’re not, it’s probably not a problem you’re being willfully ignorant, so you don’t need to stress about it.

8) Make sure your site is not banned.

Make sure your site is not banned. For those who have built a site without any preparation and bought new space, you don’t need to stress about it (unless you’ve been notified beforehand that you’re restricted by Google AdSense. has been done).

However, if it is not, and you have purchased a site or space name, there is no way that your site has been restricted from Google AdSense in the first place. It’s worth a look.

Again, there is a site called where you can check if you have been banned by Google. As a rule, most sites are not, however they are worth checking. AdSense approved websites

9) Make the site fair

Number nine is to make your site fair. This doesn’t mean you need to buy premium articles, however, you do need to make sure your site looks great.

 How to Get AdSense Approval

Make sure your site has all the fancy ins and outs so when someone visits it doesn’t look like it’s old, the 90s, garbled HTML to find. This is annoying.

As long as you’re using something like WordPress’ default theme, or you have a theme you bought somewhere, you’ll look great. Assuming you’re interested, you can check out my teaching practice on the topics I recommend.

Just make sure you have something that looks fair. This is very unusual. You don’t need to have a lot of images as long as it’s cohesive and looks like a site should.

Additionally, try to avoid custom coding unless you understand what you’re doing.

Clear the path to the site.

Make sure you have a clear path to the site. For a lot of people, that’s a bit backward. They will probably say, “Obviously I have a clear path.”

Still, sites here and there don’t, or whatever they’re using isn’t very clear. This is a problem because it doesn’t approve the original site. Make sure the primary path to your site is not difficult to track and is effectively available.

11) Make sure you are over 18 years of age.

Number 11: Make sure you are old enough. You must be 18 years of age or older to register with Google AdSense.

When you are completing the application to join AdSense, they ask you for your birthday. On the off chance that you are under 18 years of age, you are not permitted to obtain an AdSense account.

Despite this, it doesn’t imply that you can’t succeed. Assuming you’re under 18, and in case you’re awesome, keep doing what you’re doing; unusually, you are starting so early.

To fix it, you must get a parent or legal guardian to write your name on it. Just remember that the hacks will be delivered to the individual, not you, so make sure it’s someone you trust.

You should be fine if the person takes the money for themselves and helps you with it.

12) Remove various advertisements while applying.

Here’s a little tip – in case you keep getting fired and don’t know it.

If you use Blogger, YouTube, or another hosting partner.

 How to Get AdSense Approval

You can open a hosted AdSense account if you use a service like Blogger, YouTube, or another AdSense host partner. You should be aware that there are standards you must meet to be eligible. You can set up your AdSense account and link these products once your blog or channel is approved for AdSense monetization.

Google AdSense Approval Tips for Fast Approval

1. Write high-quality content.

Content is king. The article or post you are sharing with readers is referred to as “content.” So what is this high-quality content? New bloggers believe that they can obtain AdSense approval by copying or translating content. But Google is not that stupid.

Watch the video below to learn more about AdSense approval on copied-paste content. Google checks every page that is indexed on Google, so you can’t easily fool it. If you believe that you will be able to get AdSense account approval through copy, then forget it.

Each of your posts should be at least 1000 words and 100% original. Your chances of being approved are 90% higher now. The more details you put into your article, the better it will be for your blog.

2. Blog domain age

As per Google guidelines, there are some restrictions on AdSense in some Asian countries. You cannot apply for AdSense. There is a good probability that your application will be rejected if you submit one.

However, this is untrue; if you abide by all Google AdSense guidelines, you can get approved for the program within a month.

However, I discovered that numerous writers were approved for Google AdSense in just one month. I got approved in 1 month. AdSense applications are not accepted before six months. There is a good probability that your application will be rejected if you submit one.

However, this is untrue; if you abide by all Google AdSense guidelines, you can get approved for the program within a month.

However, I discovered that numerous writers were approved for Google AdSense in just one month. Give your site some time. After purchasing your domain name, you need to build your website easily and permanently. This will inform Google that you are very serious about your website and that you are working on it seriously. This will increase your chances of Google AdSense approval exponentially.

Check out Namecheap’s offers to buy a premium domain name at an affordable price.

Additionally, you can use this article’s advice to select the ideal domain name for your site.

3. Sufficient content or posts

This is the most frequently asked question I get regarding AdSense approval.

How many blog posts should we publish on our blog to get approval fast? So, this is the full response to your query.

There is no set number of posts that a blog must have to qualify for AdSense. However, it’s crucial to have enough blog postings.

It’s recommended to produce at least 40–50 posts on your blog or website for every 300 words you write, and 20 posts for every 500–700 words of content. The more words you write, the more likely you are to get approved. Always focus on your content.

Pro tip: -Post 20+ with 1000 to 1500 words and apply for AdSense.

Do not post illegal content.

If your blog or website deals with adult content, gambling, hacking, casino, or drug abuse content, then forget about AdSense.

Google doesn’t like all of this content, but if you have some highly relevant content on your blog, you can remove it and apply it. Otherwise, Google will suspend your account.

You should also read the Google AdSense Content Policies so that you don’t violate any policies. You can view a specific video on AdSense policies down below.

Do not enter copyrighted material.

If you find any text, image, video, or similar material on the Internet, you may not use it directly on your blog. because it’s not yours. It’s another thing if you give them credit.

What you can do is read other blog posts to understand the concept and ideas and then write your way of adding more value to the content.

By doing this, you will be able to produce original, high-quality material that complies with all AdSense guidelines.

6. Other Ad Networks

There are many ad networks like AdSense. If you are already using their ads on your blog, remove them before applying. This increases your chances of approval. Some advertising networks do not support AdSense. Your application can be turned down if you possess one of these.

user-friendly design.

Your blog design should be user-friendly. This means that it should be mobile-friendly and should also have navigation, through which any visitor can easily read your blog, and navigate around your blog easily.

Don’t add too many image widgets. This makes a difference in your design by increasing the loading speed of your site. which is not true for you.

8. Enter all these pages.

Add about, contact, disclaimer, etc. pages to your blog. Some blogs get AdSense approval despite all this, but it is a matter of luck.

Your chances will rise even further if you include these pages in your blog. Additionally, certain blogs with all these pages have been seen to receive AdSense approval. For a blog, all of these pages are necessary. It provides information to your visitors about your blog or website.

Watch the video below if you’re unable to generate these pages for your website.

9. Language support:

It’s not like you can blog in any language and AdSense will approve it. Hindi is one of the few languages that AdSense supports.

Do not insert any more images.

Your application will be denied if you attach photos when submitting your blog for AdSense.

Google can’t read the image. Google can easily read the text. It’s crucial to fill your blog with as much text as you can. It’s fine if you want to include a picture, but don’t forget to give each image an ALT tag. Google sees your image as text since it can read the words you enter in the ALT tag.

11. Don’t buy visitors.

AdSense prefers that genuine visitors come from search results or social networking sites. You can also purchase readers for your site, but you’ll have to give up on AdSense for that. You won’t have much time to lose it if your account is approved because AdSense doesn’t like bought traffic.

If your blog gets 50 visitors per day, that’s enough to qualify for AdSense. Concerning what is occurring, you don’t need to. Because AdSense can tell how good your website is.

12. Top Level Domains (TLD) and Email

Just buy a top-level domain. You have already heard from me about how to choose and find the ideal domain name. Your application for AdSense will be rejected if you are using a free domain or subdomain for this.

For AdSense, you can also apply with your custom email, such as, so Google considers you the owner of your blog or website and increases your chances of approval. You can also view the tutorial video for Google AdSense below.

Last words

It was all a Google AdSense approval trick. With the help of all these, you can easily get your AdSense account approved.

These suggestions for quick AdSense acceptance have been tried and tested. Follow them and spread the word to those who are having trouble getting AdSense approval.

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