8 Ways to Monetize your YouTube Videos (Without 4000 Watch Hours)

8 Ways to Monetize your YouTube Videos (Without 4000 Watch Hours)

Last updated on December 17, 2021. Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase the products linked below. The details of the offers are subject to change, and you should confirm them with the Company before taking action.

When you’re ready to make money online (or even offline), it makes sense to look at all of your potential sources of income.

An interesting way to increase your income is to start making money on YouTube. People love videos and share them on all kinds of social media platforms. Just think about the last time you scrolled through Facebook and how many videos there are now! If you can learn how to monetize YouTube for your business ventures, then there is something for you.

Why YouTube?

The neat thing about YouTube is that it is video-based, which can be a really fun way to make money for many people. YouTube is free, it’s pretty accessible even if you don’t have fancy equipment, and it has millions of users. Many people get off to a good start by simply using their smartphone as a video recording device. Uploading your videos is easy enough — all it takes is a free account, and that’s it. You’ll need to set up your account to earn money — but the process is simple. You can learn more about how to make it here.

How can I monetize YouTube?

 YouTube is a really interesting way to make money, and when done right, it can be very profitable. If nothing else, it’s worth a closer look to see if it’s a good fit for you. Let’s check it out!

First things first: Adsense

8 Ways to Monetize your YouTube Videos (Without 4000 Watch Hours)
8 Ways to Monetize your YouTube Videos (Without 4000 Watch Hours)

YouTube will put ads on your videos no matter what, so you can take advantage of them by getting your AdSense set up after you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel within 12 months. (You can build your channel while you wait to reach these metrics.) This happens on your YouTube account. You may also want to read about what types of videos are eligible for AdSense earnings.

To speed up your channel – or view times – quickly, I have some tips below.

2. Fill your funnel.

If you already have an established online business with email opt-ins and/or products for sale, YouTube can be a great way to fill out your sales funnel.

Use your videos to provide helpful, useful content to your readers and viewers, and point to your opt-in in the video (or create a special new opt-in just for your viewers). Once someone enters their email address, you can send a series of emails that build your relationship with them and eventually offer your products or services for sale.

I have found YouTube to be a great way to build my email list. And, if you have a blog, create videos around some of your monetized posts and link to them in your video description.

3. Affiliate Marketing

The best way to succeed with affiliate marketing is to genuinely share how your product changed your life. (Just make sure you follow your company’s compliance guidelines!)

Video allows for some additional methods of attachment that aren’t always well presented in the text. You can do “unboxing” videos, tutorials, product reviews, and “how-tos.” Include a video description and/or your affiliate link within the video. Don’t forget to show up!

4. Monetize YouTube with Brand Sponsorships.

Likewise, brands are working with bloggers for sponsorship opportunities, looking for the best YouTubers to share their products far and wide. Start pitching companies you love with sponsorship opportunities and see what works for you! Just remember to follow good sponsorship guidelines — only work with brands you trust and promote products you believe in and are relevant to your audience. You will also need to display this relationship correctly. Google has product placement payment guidelines that were updated on December 5, 2018.

5. Monetize your channel with community sponsors.

For some time now, YouTube has made a “Sponsor” button available on some gaming channels. They have just started beta testing with non-gaming channels as well.

This will give them a small badge that shows their name in your comments. You can also offer them special perks like exclusive sponsor content. Creators receive 70% of revenue after local sales tax is deducted.

To see if you have this option available, go to Channel > Status and Features > Go to Sponsorships.

6. Become an Amazon Influencer. 8 Ways to Monetize

Amazon recently introduced its Influencer Program which allows social media influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to earn money through their Amazon recommendations. Once approved, you’ll have the ability to create a page on Amazon filled with. h products you recommend, like this. You can then share the personalized link on your social media channels. When someone clicks and buys, you’ll earn a commission on approved product categories. Bonus: influencers can link to your page in emails too! Something that is not offered to regular Amazon Associates.

This program is not open to everyone. If you apply with your Twitter or YouTube account, you should receive an immediate acceptance or rejection. Facebook and Instagram are checked manually.

7. Leverage YouTube Red subscribers.

YouTube Red is a subscription service that users can purchase that removes ads from their videos. As a YouTube creator, you can start earning commissions based on how much time Red subscribers are spending on your videos. You’ll be able to see your YouTube Red watch time in your analytics.

To increase your earnings, make sure your videos are interesting and effective, with great SEO, to grab more eyeballs and keep them coming back for more. You will not be approved to earn Red Income until you meet the standard monetization requirements (1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the preceding 12-month period).

8. Sell the goods. to 8 Ways to Monetize

8 Ways to Monetize your YouTube Videos (Without 4000 Watch Hours)
8 Ways to Monetize your YouTube Videos (Without 4000 Watch Hours)

If your channel takes off and develops a life of its own — or if the brand you’re building — you can create and sell specially branded merchandise in your videos. T-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, and the like can be great merchandising options, and there are many different drop shippers available so you won’t necessarily have to mess around with any inventory. Here’s another opportunity to use that Amazon Influencer link.

Always disclose.

Just like with blogging, you need to make certain disclosures in your YouTube videos when you’re promoting sponsored or affiliate paid content. By not doing so, you violate the FTC, the YouTube Platform Rules, or both. You can read more about YouTube’s disclosure requirements here so you can stay on track.

How can I meet YouTube monetization requirements faster?

To get the millions of viewers that YouTube makes available to you, you’ll need to work on two things: great content and SEO. If you can create a video on a topic your ideal audience will find interesting, you’re off to a great start. But where you will succeed is mastering SEO for YouTube — using the right keywords in your video tags, keywords, and descriptions. This requires a bit of research on your part, but it’s well worth the time. Since Google owns YouTube, good SEO will get you high in the results not only on YouTube but also on Google. You don’t want to move it! 8 Ways to Monetize

Another important thing to remember is to encourage your viewers to share your videos on social media platforms (captioning videos can make it more engaging for them – here’s your first Rev.com get $10 off an order) and encourage viewers to subscribe. Subscribing to your channel is great for you because it means you already have an audience waiting for you (channel subscriptions are one of YouTube’s vanity metrics), and it’s great for those subscribers. It’s good that those who like you will start getting notifications whenever you post something new. A video

If you have a blog, you can promote all of your videos by posting them on YouTube, adding them to blog posts and/or sharing them in your newsletter, posting them to your other social media accounts, or even A great upload can get you some Pinterest traffic and reproduce. Pins for your videos.

9 Things I Discovered as a YouTube Newbie

I was thinking enough to start a YouTube channel soon after I became a blogger – YouTube says I joined in March 2010. I was never smart enough to do anything with it. Sure I’ll upload a screenshot tutorial or webinar I did with an online friend once or twice a year, but I never get serious. or permanent.

For the last three or four years, however, all you hear as a blogger is a video of where things are going. And the statistics back it up.

• YouTube is used by more than one-third of all Internet users.

• 45% watch Facebook and YouTube videos an hour or more each week.

• Marketers who use video drive 49% faster traffic than non-video marketers Increase Ni.

• Video increases organic traffic from SERPs by 157%.

8 Ways to Monetize

These numbers are things that touch your ears. In a world that is becoming more and more saturated with text content and where reaching followers on social platforms is becoming increasingly difficult, I am up for a challenge if the results pay off. Maybe you are too.

As an introvert, it wasn’t easy. Heck as someone who doesn’t wear makeup or do my hair most days, it wasn’t easy. But, I did it.

Despite my year of YouTube experience, I thought I’d share with you a few things I’ve learned that will hopefully make your journey as a YouTube beginner a little easier.

1. If you don’t have an ability, you don’t have much hope.

My goal as a YouTuber was to reach new people and bring them back to my blog. This is where the magic happens. This is where people sign up for my newsletter list so I can contact them and market to them frequently.

This last goal requires a few more steps than just shooting a video about what I want to talk about today. I need to research what’s popular on YouTube and hopefully get a lot of views. (TubeBuddy helped a lot with this.) Then, I have to make sure I’m reminding people to visit my website. Then, I need to make sure I’m sending them to the right places to get the result I’m hoping for – sign up for my email list.

Having a great template will save you a lot of time and retakes. Begin your video by introducing yourself. Include a strong call to action at the video’s conclusion. 8 Ways to Monetize

I also keep a list of things to do when making each video:

• Research keywords and contests (TubeBuddy)

• Select My Call to Action.

• Write my script and video description.

• Record My Video (Filmora)

• Take a still photo for my YouTube thumbnail image.

• Edit video and create thumbnails

• Upload to YouTube as unlisted.

• Send the unlisted video link to Rev.com for titling.

• Upload captions and schedules to publish publicly.

2. You can’t assume that your blog readers are interested in video. (But, it’s good!)

Here’s a shocker. The majority of people reading this blog and subscribing to my newsletter have no interest in watching my videos. I figured I could slide my way to my first 1,000 channel subscribers by telling my email subscribers about my new gig. No dice! Even though I was sending out links to my new videos every week, only 3% of people who opened my email were watching the videos. hey

But, that’s a good thing! My goal was to reach new people – people who want to use information differently. And this, I am accomplishing. Today, I am getting hundreds of blog viewers on YouTube. And that traffic is now converting to newsletter subscribers at a rate of 7%. It’s so much more than looking on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

3. SEO is the life or death of your videos.

YouTube is owned by Google. It should come as no surprise that search engine optimization is going to be important. And, that too, is good. The majority of people who visit YouTube are looking for content. It is a discovery platform. Only a small fraction of the time they are searching just to see people they already follow like on Twitter and Facebook.

Take the time to research keywords on YouTube and learn how to optimize your videos. (TubeBuddy!) It will pay off for years to come. Today, about 3% of my video views are from external sources. The other 97% is from YouTube searches, browsing, recommended videos, playlists, and other onsite activities.

4. So. Very wasteful. (and trolls)

I already deal with a lot of spam. Disappointing to find out that this will be another place to babysit. But, such is life. A lot of people have nothing better to do with their time than to be rude to strangers for whatever reason. But, this is their karma.

5. Cross-promote and link everything.

As I mentioned earlier, my goal is new traffic to my blog. But these people do not know you. A lot of YouTubers don’t. Make sure they can find you later. YouTube has a small space for linking to your website. And make sure you remind them to find you.

6. Much better than Facebook Live.

I am afraid of public speaking. I’m scared of live video.

But, once I learned how to edit my videos… the fear was gone! I might stumble over my words 97 times. The phone Can start playing in the middle of the video. It doesn’t matter. I can just wait for the screw-up to subside, continue my video, and cut the blooper later. No harm, no wrong. 8 Ways to Monetize

7. Big bucks possible.

As someone who has always made money from text content, I didn’t think there was much potential for a big income on YouTube. I was wrong. I completed the monetization requirements in June 2018 and since then I have enjoyed a nice steady side income. It’s not paying the bills yet, but I’ll take it.

Your YouTube earnings are tied to AdSense. If you are familiar with this path of monetization, you know that your income will largely depend on the views and keywords that you use. 8 Ways to Monetize

8. Rule of Tools.

I didn’t know where to start hacking after coming to YouTube. I like to think I know where to go for all things blogging, but here I was lost. Fortunately, I was able to find a lot of things to help me without spending a fortune.

Editing software:

Thankfully, I tried a few free trials before modifying the software. The first ones I tried were great. I almost gave up. I’m not very tech-savvy! Then, I came across Filmora through Wondershare. Very easy! I love it. They also have a great effects store where you can pick up professional-looking intros/outros, transitions, and more.

YouTube optimization:

I am big on optimization and analytics. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? Fortunately, YouTube offers much more in the way of analytics than you’d expect. Here, you need to focus on things like view time, completion rate, and audience retention. Thankfully, they make it easy. 8 Ways to Monetize

When it came to search optimization, however, I had no idea what was going on. How do you do keyword research? What are the best practices? Then I found TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy provides all this and more. They have best practice checklists. They will show you opportunities to improve existing videos and more. It has been a lifesaver. TubeBuddy also integrates with 3PlayMedia for video captioning and discounts for Star Members and above. A free account is available though I have the Star plan which comes with bulk editing, canned responses, rating reports, and more.

Caption Service:

Rev.com is where I get all my video captioning done. It’s only $1 per minute and the turnaround time is very fast.

9. Batch processing for the win!

Publishing one video at a time is great when you’re trying to build your channel early on. It can take you forever.

Whenever I sit down to make a video, I usually have three or four ready. I do all the keyword research at once. Then, I write the outline. Then, I write descriptions, titles, and tags. Then, I create all the graphics not only for thumbnails but also for sharing on social media. Finally, I upload and schedule them all together and schedule them to publish for over a month. so easy. 8 Ways to Monetize

Batch processing helps with another very important thing on YouTube – consistency. Just as Google favors frequently updated websites when determining its search results, it also favors frequently updated channels when determining its YouTube search results. Being able to do a few weeks or a month’s worth of videos in one sitting can ensure that you do. 8 Ways to Monetize

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