UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title


UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title

Salt Lake City – Leon Edwards shocked the MMA world. With a head kick in the final round of a fight he was losing easily, Edwards knocked out Usman to win the UFC welterweight title in the main event of UFC 278 Saturday night here at Vivint Arena. Finished at 4:04 of the fifth round.

 Edwards ended Usman’s 15-fight UFC winning streak, which was a UFC record. It was one of the most spectacular knockouts in the history of the sport.

UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title
UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title

Usman dominated the fight after the first round. But Usman ducked to his right to defend an Edwards left and Edwards caught him with a left head kick, sending the 17,000-plus crowd into a frenzy. Usman, who was in touch, was less than a minute away from a sixth title defense.

Leon Edwards won the UFC title over Kamaru Usman with a 5th-round head kick KO

 At his main event at UFC 278 at his arena Vivint on Saturday night, Edwards defeated Kamal his Usman with a headbutt in the final round of a narrowly losing bout to win the UFC welterweight title. Did.

 He finished in the 4 min 4-sec range on the 5th lap.

Edwards snapped Usman’s 15-fight UFC winning streak, one shy of Anderson Silva’s UFC record. It was one of the most spectacular knockouts in the history of the sport.

Usman dominated the fight after the first round and led 39-37 on all three judges’ scorecards entering the fifth. But with about a minute left in the fight, Usman ducked to his right to defend an Edwards left and Edwards caught him with a left head kick, sending the 17,000-plus crowd into a frenzy. Done. Usman, who was in touch, was less than a minute away from a sixth title defense.

Salt Lake City fans began the night chanting for Osman but ended it with “Rocky,” Edwards’ nickname.

“Now look at me!” Edwards said. “Look at me now! Pound for a pound!”

Helpnewz has Usman ranked No. 1 in the pound-for-pound list and also the top welterweight. Coming in, ESPN had Edwards ranked No. 4 at welterweight. This was a rematch of a December 2015 fight that Usman won by unanimous decision.

Edwards (20-3, 1 NC) is undefeated in 11 straight fights spanning nearly seven years. The Jamaican-born resident of England has not lost since his 2015 fight with Usman. Edwards, 30, has a 12-2 (1 NC) record in the UFC.

Usman (20-2) had five title defenses before Saturday’s loss. The Nigerian-born fighter, who trains out of Colorado, has been the UFC welterweight champion since defeating Tyron Woodley at UFC 235 in March 2019.

UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title
UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title

Kamaru Usman (c) (20-2, 15-1 UFC)  KO in 5 rounds

 Lap coverage per lap:

 Round 1: Edwards hits the leg of his kick and defends a takedown attempt. He then slides a strike and Usman takes him to the canvas. However, Edwards got up and scored a full mount trip takedown with two minutes remaining. Edwards grabbed him by the back and threatened to choke him with his horn. 10-9, Edwards.  Round 2: Edwards kicks the cage, and Usman throws punches with a little distraction. Usman continued to apply pressure after Edwards left, resulting in two takedowns.  10-9, Usman. (19-19)

 Round 3: Usman resumes his hunt. A minute later he gets a takedown. Edwards returns soon after, but Osman is after him. Edwards unleashes two of his shots, but Usman switches to takedowns again and regains control of him. Then he wakes up in a full pile. Edwards appears to sleep and Usman rolls over. 10-9, Ottoman Empire. (29-28 Uthman)

 Round 4: Edwards holds his ground, unleashes several strikes, and is nearing a takedown. However, Usman defended well, turned the tables, and was taken down mid-round. Usman has full control over his AdWords. There is a pause while referee Herb Dean watches Edwards grab the cage and rise from the takedown. Dean puts her back on canvas and Edwards is still upset when he returns. 10-9, Ottoman Empire. (Uthman 37-39)

 Round 5: Usman keeps chasing,  Edwards doesn’t threaten. The Challenger needs something big, and Cruising Usman has nothing. Edwards fired two shots,  one short. And when Edwards looked out, Usman KOed with a left high kick.

Full results from UFC 278

Middleweight: Paulo Costa (14-2, 6-2 UFC) def.

Paulo Costa and Luke Rockhold Saturday went in not only as the two best middleweights in the world but also as the middleweight most in need of a win.

Costa (14-2) defeated Rockhold (16-6) at UFC 278 on Saturday, collecting a unanimous judges’ score of 30-27 over a hard-fought three-round contest. Both middleweights looked tired in the height of Vivant Arena, especially Rockhold, who repeatedly put his hands on his hips between rounds and was forced to breathe through his mouth as his nose bled.

It was a much-needed win for Costa, who started his career on a 13-match winning streak but was coming off back-to-back losses to Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori.

For Rockhold, a former UFC and Strikeforce champion, it appears to be the end of the road. The 37-year-old got back from a three-year cutback on Saturday and has since declared his compulsory retirement from the Octagon. Although he didn’t say he was done, he was extremely emotional, removing his gloves from inside the cage and nodding when UFC commentator Joe Rogan mentioned the possibility of this being his last fight.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Rockhold said. “I’ve given my all. I’m old.”

Costa, whose last success was against Yoel Romero in 2019, got off to a hot beginning, battling off Rockhold’s initial takedown endeavors. He landed several hard hammers after stuffing one of those early attempts, which immediately caused Rockhold’s face to swell up and his nose to bleed. He kept consistent foot tension on Rockhold, continually driving him to the wall and tossing blends.

Toward the finish of the primary round, Rockhold’s non-verbal communication was frightening. He inclined vigorously vacillating between the first and second, adjusted, more than once bringing down his hands and searching for rest in the activity. He got a rest in the second round when Costa handled an unplanned punch disgracefully. Indeed, even after the break, nonetheless, Rockhold kept on breathing intensely.

As per UFC measurements, Costa landed 106 absolute strikes to Rockhold’s 57.

Rockhold showed heart and determination in the third as he continued to throw dangerous shots despite being tired. Toward the finish of the battle, he turned positions on Costa on the floor and completed the round on top. The battle finished with Rockhold scouring his face on Costa, making bloodstream from his nose onto the Brazilian’s face.

Despite the two losses, Costa is still considered a top-5 middleweight, although he has shown an early interest in boxing.

Men’s bantamweight: Merib Dolishvili (15-4, 8-2 UFC) def.

Dvalishvili had at least five takedowns in everything except two of his last nine UFC battles. He scored twofold figures in three of those meetings. His moniker is “The Machine” and it was clear why.

Was this the end of Dvalishvili? No, it wasn’t. The 31-year-old Brazilian legend from the Republic of Georgia couldn’t get the legend to the canvas, but his relentless efforts against the cage, albeit backfired, sparked a non-stop onslaught of knees to the leg, with The combination required an effort to stop the takedown, which finished Aldo and led to Devalishvili’s seventh straight victory (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

The winning streak tied Dvilishvili with the champion in the bantamweight division, but no title showdown is imminent. The winner, Algemene Sterling, is Devalishvili’s preparation accomplice in Long Island, New York, and Devalishvili has no designs to battle him. “He’s my sibling,” Dovelishvili said.

He likewise honored 35-year-old previous featherweight champion, Aldo, from Brazil. Aldo got heartfelt applause during his walkout and the most intense applause of the late evening during his presentation. He saw his three-battle series of wins conclude. Be that as it may, en route, he gained a lot of favor with Dvalishvili.

“He was extremely specialized against the enclosure,” Dvalishvili said. “Ordinarily, I bring everybody down.”


Ladies’ Bantamweight: Lucy Podilova (14-7, 3-5 UFC) def. Wu Yanan (12-6, 1-5 UFC) using second-round TKO

Pudilova was a brawler in her most memorable trip with the UFC. This time around, obviously she’s improved and is undeniably more adaptable.

Utilizing wrestling and vicious ground and pound, Podilova scored a TKO triumph over Wu Yanan at 4:04 of the subsequent round. Podilova, presently preparing at SBG Ireland under mentor John Kavanagh, brought Wu down, brought her back up, went to mount, and was pounding down with large punches and elbows en route. Official Herb Dean had no genuine choice but to step in and stop the fight.

“I can’t acknowledge that I’m back in the UFC,” Podilova said

Podilova likewise had a takedown in the primary round and had a lot of progress on the ground. We had some decent leg kicks on the feet, but Podilova landed forearms and head throws in the second round, Wu got her back and started firing violent elbows from the top position. y, as a result of which she was eliminated. We had no answer.

Podilova, 28, is 5-1 with the Oktagon promotion after being released by the UFC in 2020. The Czech Republic native had four losses before being cut, but two of those were $50,000 Fight of the Night performances.

Wu, 26, of China, battling out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has dropped four in succession.

Light heavyweight: Tyson Pedro (9-3, 5-3 UFC) def. Harry Hunsicker (7-6, 0-3 UFC) using first-round TKO

It wasn’t exactly quite a while in the past, Pedro was viewed as an extremely encouraging possibility at 205 pounds. That feeling has now returned. win the welterweight title

Pedro, 30, lost a great deal of force somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2022 when wounds restricted him to only six all-out appearances, posting an unremarkable 3-3 record. Since returning to prosperity this year, the Australian has recorded successive wraps facing Ike Villanueva and as of now Hunsucker.

It came only 65 seconds into Saturday’s last battle. He got Hunsker with a spotless, counter-left hit. Following the shot landed, Pedro grinned, pointed at Hunsker, and progressed forcefully.

“I prepared extremely hard, it was an undeniably challenging camp,” Pedro said. “To finish this so rapidly, there’s nothing more to it. I haven’t battled before fans in four years, so help me out. Allow me to hear some clamor.”

A move forward in the contest will probably be next for Pedro, as he was an 8-to-1 wagering #1 over Hunsaker. He improves to 5-3 generally in the UFC.

Heavyweight: Marcin Tybora (23-7, 10-6 UFC) def. Alexander Romanov (16-1, 5-1 UFC) by larger part choice

UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title
UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title

Assuming you just watched the principal round of this battle, you’d find it unfathomable that Romanov would leave the Octagon undefeated. He brought Tybora down in under a moment and beat him on the material for the whole initial five minutes, taking a 28-0 benefit in strikes.

Be that as it may, Tybora made due until the horn, and when he emerged for Round 2, he took over against a Romanov with no energy left. Thus, Tybura won the second and third adjustments and was granted a larger part choice, with two adjudicators scoring it 29-28 in support of himself and the third scorecard perusing 28-28 due to the primary round of 16. It was 10-8. – 1 Romanov. win the welterweight title

The 36-year-old Tambora, from Poland, has won six of his last seven battles in the wake of holding consistent in the primary round, wearing out his rival with a takedown in the second, then sluggish punches in the third. Put chilies on it. His experience against high-level resistance – – he’s been with previous UFC champions Fabricio Werdum and Andrei Arlovski, among other top heavyweights – – empowered Tybura to stand his ground at the 4,300-foot rise of Salt Lake City. Can accelerate and remain new.

Romanov, 31 and from Moldova, was a power in the principal round however blurred after that. He has just gone beyond the halfway place of Round 3 three times in his vocation and has scored the completion in 15 of his 16 successes. This time he didn’t have anything available for later when his fuel tank ran out.


Lightweight: Jared Gordon (19-5, 7-4 UFC) def. Leonardo Santos (18-7-1, 7-3-1 UFC) by consistent choice

Salt Lake City’s height is 4,226 feet, making cardio a significant storyline at UFC 278. Gordon, clearly knowing this, put resources into working the body – – and hence the fuel tank – – with mind-boggling achievement.

Gordon overwhelmed Santos in a consistent choice (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) triumph, the most uneven choice of Gordon’s profession. Gordon’s cardio was spot on as far as possible and he had the option to score Santos in each round, remembering a reasonable and steady concentration for body shots.

Santos was draining from the nose in the main round and had a cut under his eye toward the primary round’s end. Gordon had a few significant tempests that caused harm. In the meantime, Santos, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace, was always unable to ground Gordon in a predominant position. By the third round, Santos was depleted and Gordon was all the while moving and getting right in front of him.

Gordon, 33, has won four of his last five battles. The New York local, who trains out of Kill Cliff FC in Florida, is currently 7-4 in the UFC. Santos, 42, who battles out of Brazil’s Nova Uniao camp, has dropped three positions in succession.

Men’s Featherweight: Sean Woodson (9-1-1, 3-1-1 UFC) and Luis SaldaΓ±a (16-7-1, 2-1-1 UFC) brought about a split draw.

There could be no alternate method for saying it: Saldana blew various chances to trade out the irritated triumph against Woodson.

Saldana, battling out of Phoenix, dropped Woodson halfway through the initial round with a perfect left snare. Rather than pursuing him down the floor hoping to polish him off, Saldana nonchalantly left and allow Woodson to get up, and didn’t forcefully seek after him even though Woodson did. saw Very unsound.

The genuine error came minutes after the fact, in any case when Saldana dropped him again with a straight left. Once more, SaldaΓ±a decided not to follow him to the floor. As Woodson sat up, Saldana shook him with an explicitly unlawful knee to the head, making the activity pause, and official Mike Beltran dock Saldana at a point.

The remainder of the challenge was somewhat inactive, with Woodson doing minimal more. He compromised Saldana with a changed triangle stifle in the subsequent round and worked a consistent punch in the third. The outcome, to a great extent because of a point derivation, was a parted draw. The adjudicators’ scorecards read 29-27 Woodson, 29-27 Saldana, and 28-28.

Woodson, who battles out of St. Louis, is currently 3-1-1 in the UFC, while Saldana is 2-1-1.


Welterweight: Ange Lusa (9-3, 1-1 UFC) def. AJ Fletcher (9-2, 0-2 UFC) by consistent choice

Cycle 3 was played at a sluggish speed, with Fletcher laying on his back and showing little work to get up, and Lusa keeping up with top position yet putting forth little attempt to complete the battle. Yet, the fans didn’t begin booing until there was scarcely a brief left. How should these two warriors overcome what they gave in the principal round?

Louisa burned through the vast majority of that center round landing right hand after right hand to the essence of Fletcher, who was bloodied and shaking by the mid-five-minute imprint. Yet, the high result tired Lusa, and Fletcher took advantage late in the round with his rival staggering around the enclosure, expecting to hop on the off chance that ref Mike Beltran drew nearer.

The horn blew as the fans thundered, and the two contenders didn’t have anything to give starting there on. In any case, simply returning the battle once again to the material right off the bat in the third round and keeping it there, Lusa did what’s needed to get the success (29-27, 29-28, 29-28). win the welterweight title

Luz is 28 and from Switzerland, yet prepares in South Florida. He won in the Octagon interestingly since dropping his UFC debut in April.

Fletcher, 25, from Lafayette, Louisiana, has lost both of his UFC battles since going undefeated in the advancement recently.


Men’s Flyweight: Amir Albazi (15-1, 3-0 UFC) def. Francisco Figueiredo (13-5-1, 2-2 UFC) using first-round accommodation

UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title
UFC 278 Usman vs. Edwards 2: Leon Edwards scores last-minute knockout to win the welterweight title



Amir al-Bazi celebrates after his triumph over Francisco Figueiredo at UFC 278.

Albany is one of the top possibilities to watch at 125 pounds and he did nothing Saturday to change that discernment.

Utilizing his wrestling and control, Albazzi overwhelmed Figueiredo in transit to an accommodation (back stripped stifle) succeed at 4:34 of the main round. Albany scored two takedowns and on the second, he shrewdly worked Figuerido’s back and secured in a gag.

“There’s a lot of executioners at flyweight and I’m awesome of them,” Albany said. Albany, 28, has not battled since January 2021, a consistent choice triumph over Zhalgas Zumagolov. The Iraq-conceived England occupant has won four straight, remembering his initial three for the UFC. win the welterweight title

Figueiredo, the 32-year-old sibling of Davison, a flyweight champion who battles out of Brazil, is 2-2 in the UFC.

“The ruler is back,” said Albany.


Men’s bantamweight: Oriklang (20-9, 2-2 UFC) def. Jay Perine (10-6, 0-2 UFC) by consistent choice

 Aoriqileng knees Jay Perrin in their bantamweight battle at UFC 278.

‘The Mongol Murderer’ mobilized late through Perrin in transit to a consistent 29-28 adjudicators’ scorecard. The battle was extremely aggressive and the Salt Lake City swarm cheered the choice, however, Perrin himself acknowledged it and adulated Orikiling.

Orikeleng’s counterattack came from the get-go in the battle when he shocked Perrin with a left snare and got him with shots as he looked into the close. In any case, Perrin’s wrestling turned into a figure the second and third adjusts.

Probably the best activities of the session came in the last 10 seconds when Perrin drove Oriklang back to the wall and handled a blend. A while later, Oriklang said he wasn’t wounded by the shots, yet it was maybe Perrin’s best second.

Aoriqileng is currently 2-2 in the UFC, however, he is 2-0 since climbing from flyweight. Perine, Massachusetts, tumbles to 0-2.


Men’s flyweight: Victor Altamirano (11-2, 1-1 UFC) def. Daniel Da Silva (11-4, 0-3 UFC) through first-round TKO

Victor Altamirano praises his triumph against Daniel da Silva at UFC 278.

The two warriors pursuing their most memorable UFC triumph burned through no time getting the ball rolling. Both showed up cocked and locked, and Da Silva handled the main effect, a right hand that dropped Altamirano and put him in a tough situation in the initial moment. However, Altamirano got up and continued to come, and after a knee to the body put Da Silva on the material, the Mexican amassed with elbows that completed Faye at 3:39. The First round.

Prepared in Fort Worth, Texas Altamirano, 31, from Mexico City, experienced an early surge, however, when he got the battle rolling, he worked eagerly to win for the fifth time in his last six sessions.

Da Silva, who is 26 years of age and from Brazil, looked the quicker warrior right off the bat, dropping his rival and associating with nearly turning strikes. Yet, when he was on his back, he wrongly tried for entries as opposed to protecting against elbows which opened up a cut all over and finished the battle. He has lost every one of the three of his UFC sessions.

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