Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

Improve Your Spoken English

Spoken English Tip #1: Learn phrases, not just individual words

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English
Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

If you study English words separately, it becomes:

When you need to speak, you have to put a lot of thought into putting the individual words together in the right order, using the correct grammar, and making sense.


It’s a lot of work!

If you focus on learning the phrases instead, you’ll have answers and responses ready for any situation – no overthinking required. Focusing on phrases will help you speak English more naturally in complete sentences.

Tip #2: Listen more in English.

Most English language learners listen too little and read too much.

But when babies and toddlers learn English, they listen first – then speak – and read and write later.

Half the conversation is listening to the other person – and if you don’t understand what they’re saying, how can you respond properly? Spend more time listening if you wish to speak English more effectively.

An added benefit: Listening more will also help you pronounce words more clearly and lessen your accent.

English Speaking Tip #3: Practice speaking on your own (both reading aloud and speaking spontaneously)

When you speak English, there are two main difficulties:

 Mental difficulty thinking to say English words

 Physical difficulty in pronouncing English words correctly

Reading the English text out loud will help you with the second part without worrying about the first part. This will train your mouth and lips to pronounce English words more easily.

Speaking English spontaneously is also extremely helpful in developing the ability to put your thoughts into words… without the pressure of an actual conversation. You can view a list of discussion questions and answer them out loud in English – speaking alone.

It might sound a little silly, but remember – this is great practice for your spoken English, and there’s no one to hear your mistakes!

Practice thinking in English as a fourth tip.

Do you first think in your mother tongue, translate it into English, and then speak?

do not do it! This often results in sentences that don’t sound natural in English, as sentence structure often differs between English and your native language.

Also, it takes a lot of time to think and translate when you’re in a conversation.

The biggest secret to speaking English fast and fluently is to learn to think directly in English. The great news is that it’s a skill you can develop with practice, and you can practice it anytime – sitting on the bus, waiting in line, and sitting at home. English words

Try thinking in English for a few minutes today to build this habit!

5 Get a conversation partner online

“How can I practice speaking English if I have no one to talk to?”

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English
Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

You can discover a companion who speaks English but wants to learn your native tongue on “conversation exchange” websites.

You can then schedule a conversation session and speak half in English and half in your native language so you can both practice.

It’s also good to help someone correct a mistake in a relaxed, low-stress situation.

Here are some examples of chat exchange websites.

Top 10 English Language Exchange Websites

 Free language exchange websites

So if you don’t have a conversation partner, get one today – it will help you practice your speaking.

6 Remember that communication is more crucial than grammar while using spoken English.

Do you worry that you’ll mispronounce something when you speak?

Keep in mind that communication is the primary goal of English language use. Although grammar is crucial, when speaking English, communication comes first.

Here is a straightforward illustration.

“I attended a party on the beach yesterday.”

The sentence is not grammatically correct, but it conveys your message successfully, and an English speaker will understand. It’s better to say something “wrong” than to say nothing and still communicate successfully!

Don’t worry too much about grammar when speaking because spoken English has more latitude than written English does.

Spoken English Tip #7: Speak slowly.

You won’t sound like a natural speaker of English if you try to speak too quickly. Instead, it can make it difficult for the other person to understand you.

Speaking English slowly has two advantages:

This provides you with more time to consider your response.

 It makes your point clear so the other person can understand.

With time and practice, your spoken English will naturally become faster.

8 Use alternate terms if you forget a word in spoken English.

It’s very common for English learners to stop in the middle of a sentence because they’ve forgotten the word they want to use – but try to be creative. Another person can help you if you want Explain using the word. Other English words

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English
Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

For instance, when one of my students was explaining a recipe, he referred to one of the veggies without using the correct term. It’s white, shaped like a ball, and makes you weep when you eat it, he continued.

I said, “It’s an onion.”

So you can see that my student successfully communicated using different words, even though he didn’t know the word he wanted to use.

Spoken English Tip #9: Relax and maintain a positive, confident attitude

If you make a mistake or forget a word when speaking English – that’s okay! Don’t panic or panic.

The person you are talking to will understand and be patient with you. If you are insecure when speaking English, speaking will be even more difficult.

So don’t say “My English is terrible” or “Sorry for my bad English.” These are negative comments and they are not helpful.

Instead, think “I can speak English!”To encourage you to talk more clearly and confidently before each conversation!

Learn practical English words and phrases for daily use.

Today, you have the opportunity to take an English course that focuses on useful English in a conversational context.

The Daily English Speaking Course is a simple, fun, and effective way to learn new phrases and expressions – and improve your speaking ability.

Each lesson is based on dialogue, and reading and listening to the dialogues will help you improve your understanding.

The next part of the lesson explains and expands on the words you hear in conversation, teaches you new expressions, and shows you how to use them.

There are lots of practice sentences that you can listen to and repeat to improve your English speaking.

Finally, each lesson has quizzes to help you test yourself and remember new phrases – and opportunities for you to send in speaking samples and get feedback from me on your spoken English. Improve Your Spoken English

Learn English for everyday life.

In this course, you will learn how to speak English in common everyday life situations:

 Talking on the phone

 Going to restaurants and shopping

 Traveling: airport, hotel, and sightseeing

 Talking about hobbies and pastimes

Learn Social English.

You will also learn essential phrases for social English so that you can communicate successfully and confidently with other English speakers.

 Agreement and disagreement

 Giving feedback and advice

 Politely asking and interrupting

 Expression of thoughts and feelings

Learn practical English.

This course also includes practical vocabulary to talk about:

 Information

 Similarities and differences

 Certainty and Probability

 Hypothetical situations

Interesting topics in English

 Colloquy and flattery

 Interference and swearing

 Discourse markers

 Use of vague language

Student comments.

More than 100 students participated and enjoyed this course.

They describe the course as…

“Very good with clear explanations”

“Useful for everyday life”

“Great, warm, nice, and solid”

“Worth it!”

Other English websites charge a monthly fee for access, but when you sign up for Speak English Daily, you’ll get instant and permanent access to the course’s 45 lessons. There is no time limit to finish – you have access to the course forever.

You can pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal through a secure connection that keeps your information safe. (For payment by bank deposit in Brazil, contact me for details.)

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