How to make money from website designing.

How to make money from website designing.

If you love design and want to make money as a designer, whether part-time or full-time, there are many options. This article will serve as a guide covering many of the most popular options you can choose to pursue. Check out each’s specifications to see which might be best for you.

I work for a design agency.

You can work as an employee of a design agency and spend your time designing websites for clients. As an employed designer, you’ll be able to focus on design work without having to deal with business-related issues like landing clients.

Working for an agency will likely pay you a fixed salary, and (depending on the employer), you’ll likely receive benefits such as paid time off and health insurance.

How to make money from website designing.
How to make money from website designing.


A steady income as a salaried employee.

•Designing will take up most of your time.

• You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of different clients’ projects.

• You will interact with and (hopefully) learn from co-workers.


The tasks you work on will be beyond your control.

You won’t have the freedom and flexibility you would have as a self-employed designer.

•You have to depend on someone else to give you a job.

Working as an interior designer for money from website designing.

Another option that allows you to work as an employee is to become an in-house designer. In this case, instead of working on projects for clients, you’ll be working on your employer’s website. For example, you may be an in-house designer for a financial company and your job responsibilities will include designing and maintaining the company’s website.

Working as an in-house designer offers some of the same advantages and disadvantages as working for an agency, except that you won’t be working on different client projects.


A steady income as a salaried employee.

Designing will take up most of your time.

You will work on a project that you know very well.


You won’t have the freedom and flexibility you would have as a self-employed designer.

You have to depend on someone else to give you a job.

You won’t get as much variety in your work as you would if you were working with client projects.

freelance for earn money from website designing

Now, aside from the first two options where you would work as an employee, freelancing is a whole different ball game.

If you work as an in-house designer for an agency, you’ll spend almost all of your time designing for clients. As a freelancer, you’ll spend most of your time on client projects, but you’ll also have responsibilities related to running the business, including finding and securing clients, dealing with contracts, bookkeeping ( (although this can be outsourced), and all aspects of communication with customers.

One of the good things about freelancing is the flexibility it offers. You will have some control over the types of clients you work with and the projects you accept. You’ll also have more control over your work hours, although your projects will still have deadlines that need to be met.

You have the option of working full- or part-time thanks to the freedom of freelancing. Maybe you have a full-time job as an in-house designer and you freelance because you like to work on different projects.

Or maybe you have a job in another field and are looking to transition into a design career. You can work as a freelancer without depending on an employer to recruit you. If you can land clients, you can make money as a designer.


•You will have control over the clients and projects you accept.

•Take advantage of a flexible schedule.

• Work part-time or full-time.

You can work on different projects.


nonconforming income.

•Starting a business is up to you.

• You will need to handle other business-related aspects such as invoicing.

Start your agency.

If you enjoy the business side, starting your agency is an option. Instead of working as a solo freelancer, you can hire other designers and developers to do the work for you.

If your ultimate goal is to start an agency, a low-risk approach would be to freelance first and gradually grow your business. You can expand when you have enough workload and revenue to justify hiring someone else.

How to make money from website designing.
How to make money from website designing.


• Potential for higher income.

• You will have control over the clients and projects you accept.

• Independence to launch and expand your business


Asymmetric income and financial risk.

• You will probably spend less time designing and more time running the business.

Start a design blog.

Starting and maintaining a design blog is another way a designer can earn money. You can use the blog as a way to promote your design services and get clients while running the blog, or you can focus on making money with the blog in other ways (such as advertising, affiliate programs, or products). sell).

The Wendelle Design Blog was originally started to attract traffic and land more client work. As the blog grew, it became a business of its own, and client work took a back seat.

Growing a blog takes a lot of hard work and some patience (you probably won’t make money for a while), but the long-term payoff can be great.


• Anybody can launch a blog (low barrier to entry).

• Potential for higher income

The blog can be used to advertise your design services or to generate income in other ways.

• Flexible schedule.

• Freedom to run your own business.


•The first year, you’ll probably not make much money.

• You can invest a lot of time in it and sometimes earn money.

Your primary responsibilities will include writing content and running the blog, which may leave little time for actual design work.

nonconforming income.

Become a freelance writer for design blogs.

If you like the idea of ​​writing blog articles on design, but don’t want to start your blog and wait a long time before making money, then work A excellent choice might be as a freelance writer.

Many design blogs hire freelance writers, and if you have some design and writing skills you can get paid to do it. Most likely, it will be a part-time thing, but it is possible that it could develop into a full-time job.

From 2007-2009, I did a lot of freelance writing for other blogs like Smashing Magazine, Tuts Plus, and Webdesigner Depot. I enjoyed the work, and it was very flexible.


• Rather than opening a blog and waiting to earn money, be compensated for your content right away.

• very flexible hours can easily be converted to full-time work.

• can be a great supplement to the income you are earning from your design work.

•It is also great for networking and meeting other people in the industry.


• A part-time endeavor is preferable to a full-time position.

You won’t spend your time designing.

They sell ​​themes or templates.

Website templates and themes for popular content management systems like WordPress and Shopify are in high demand.

There are different methods you can use to complete this:

Set Up Your Shop—Create your website and sell themes or templates yourself. You will need to get traffic and grow the business, but you will have full control.

Sell ​​on a Marketplace: Instead of dealing with driving traffic to your site, you can sell on a marketplace like ThemeForest and take advantage of their large, established user base. You will have to split the income and give up a lot of control.

Some template/theme creators do both. This way, you can benefit from market exposure, but you are also not completely at the mercy of the market.


• Potential for higher income.

• You can choose your own designed themes and templates.

• Freedom to run your own business


• Requires extensive customer service (although you can hire someone else to do it).

• There is a lot of competition.

• Selling to the marketplace involves relinquishing a lot of control.

Sell your ​​stock graphics and files.

If you’re more interested in graphic design than coding, you can design files like stock graphics or PSDs that other designers can use.

Here’s another approach that gives you a few different options.

Set up your shop: You can take the approach we took and create your shop to sell your resources. You’ll need traffic and an audience, but you’ll have full control and won’t have to split the revenue with the marketplace.

Sell ​​on a marketplace:

You can sell your designs on a site like GraphicRiver, Creative Market, or Etsy. You can also sell some types of files on stock photo sites.

Freelance—Another option would be to design resources that are sold in other shops. Many websites sell these types of files, and many of them hire designers to create products for them.


• Great way to earn some money in your downtime between client projects.

• Flexible schedule


Selling to the marketplace involves relinquishing a lot of control.

The amount you will earn per sale from most marketplaces and stock photo sites is very low.

Create a course

The last option we’ll consider is creating your online course on some aspect of design or development. You can create courses on web design, logo design, WordPress development, Photoshop, Illustrator, or any number of other topics.

There are several ways to market your course when it comes to selling it:

You can create a course on a platform like Teachable and sell it on your site. Or you can use the Membership WordPress plugin to configure the course area and protect the content so that only paying users can access it.

You can also host your course on Udemy, Skillshare, or another marketplace that will allow you to reach a larger audience. Of course, you’ll give up some control with this approach, but if you don’t have an audience, this can be a way to get your course in front of people.


• Potential for higher income

There are many different possibilities, and you can create a course on the topic of your choice.

• Flexible schedule


If your audience isn’t well-established, your earning potential can be constrained.

nonconforming income.

You will need to provide customer service to students.

You won’t spend your time designing.

Finding design jobs

Now that we’ve looked at the different options, take some time to consider the pros and cons to see what might be right for you. money from website designing

When you’re ready to start looking for opportunities, be sure to check out my article on the best websites to find web design jobs. The websites listed in this article can be extremely valuable resources.

Get a free resource bundle!

It contains over 100 vector design elements that you can use in your projects (including commercial projects). A total value of over $90!

Build your WordPress websites.

Another creative way to make money online as a web designer is to help businesses build their websites.

WordPress is the best platform to build a website very easily. Additionally, it may be highly profitable.

Many popular blogs and freelancers do this. For example, WPBeginner offers a free blog setup service. Here’s how.

First, you need to join the affiliate programs of a web hosting provider and several useful premium plugins.

How to make money from website designing.
How to make money from website designing.

Then, when setting up a WordPress website, you will advise the client to purchase hosting from a specific web hosting provider using your affiliate link. The same holds for recommending expensive plugins.

Most web hosting providers offer a commission of around $100 per user who signs up with your referral link. Plugin affiliate programs are another great source of income. Websites like WPBeginner generate revenue in this way.

But you are not required to do anything for nothing. You can charge a fee to set up a website and earn affiliate income from hosting providers at the same time. money from website designing

Selling ​​hosting to customers

This is the method I used when running my web design agency.

I offer a website design service at a very affordable price. But, I also offered to host the client’s website on my server. This took away the headache of hosting and managing websites.

I bought a cheap reseller hosting plan and hosted all the websites. and then collect the annual fee from the client.

This is where I profited because reseller hosting plans are very cheap and you can host dozens of websites on one plan.

HostGShopify is one of the best platforms for setting up online stores and many businesses now want to build their stores exclusively on the platform.

Shopify has a partner program where you can help businesses set up stores as well as refer new clients to join Shopify. You will earn a commission from Shopify for referring clients.

You can also charge clients a fee to set up their store. Sure, setting up a store on Shopify is easy.

Set up Shopify stores.

Shopify is one of the best platforms for setting up online stores and many businesses now want to build their stores exclusively on this platform.

You can take advantage of this chance to assist companies in optimizing their Shopify stores.

Shopify has a partner program where you can help businesses set up stores as well as refer new clients to join Shopify. You will earn a commission from Shopify for referring clients. money from website designing

You can also charge clients a fee to set up their store. Sure, setting up a store on Shopify is easy.

Flip websites for profit. money from website designing

Another lucrative internet income stream is website flipping.

This is how it goes. You start by building a simple website or blog. You give the website a flawless design, SEO optimization, and content addition. Then you can sell this website for profit.

Another way is to buy an already well-established website that generates income. And push it a little further. Add more content, optimize for search engines, and when it starts making more money, you sell it for even more profit.

You can check out sites like Flippa and WebsiteProperties to see how it works.

I also wrote a guide for another blog on this topic.

Learn and provide SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of creating websites and is a skill that every web designer should master.

If you learn SEO, you can market it as a service along with your web design services.

You can also approach existing websites, do proper research, and offer to improve websites for them.

SEO is a very competitive field. However, you may advertise it as a service on freelance markets, on social media, or even by getting in touch with nearby companies to assist with their marketing initiatives.

offers maintenance services.

Most of the clients who purchase your service to build a website will have no experience in web design or maintaining a website.

This is a fantastic chance to provide it as a service.

Let clients know you have a website maintenance service. They can hire you whenever they need to update a page, create a new product landing page, or alter the theme designs.

You can also bundle this service with your other services to create attractive packages for customers.

You can also use a site like Envato Studio to offer your services for website maintenance.

Bonus: Join an agency.

Joining a web design agency is one of the best ways to generate a steady stream of income as a web designer.

When you are part of an agency, you will work as part of a team of web designers. And you get to contribute to major website projects. This is a great way to build your reputation and experience.

However, joining an agency is not that easy. You must first have some prior design experience. And you also need to prove your skills to be eligible to join the agency. money from website designing

You can either get in touch with an agent directly to locate one to join or search for agencies that are hiring web designers on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, you can also find local agencies to join.

In conclusion,

As a web designer, there are numerous online income streams available to you. Only hard work and creative thinking are needed for success. Try a few of these techniques or combine them to come up with your special services.

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