Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix

Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix

Artemis, I launch scrubbed because the engine problem refuses to be fixed quickly.

The launch of NASA’s Artemis 1 mission scheduled for Monday morning has been delayed due to problems with one of the moon rocket’s engines.

Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix
Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix

Liftoff was scheduled for 08.33 local times (13.33 BST) on Monday 29 August from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The next launch window for Artemis I opens on September 2.

Despite something related to lightning over the weekend, weather conditions were favorable for Monday’s launch, and the weather was not the direct cause of the crash.

Artemis 1 is the first flight for NASA’s Giant Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion capsule, which serves as an important test before the first human board Artemis 2 in 2023 to ensure that all related systems are functioning properly in space.

You may watch a live feed of the Artemis 1 rocket launch from NASA TV at the top of this page, and you can keep up with all the most recent news and updates in our live blog below.

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1 hour ago.

Artemis 1 launch

NASA will be holding a press conference in a few hours, at which we should know more details about what went wrong today.

We’ll hopefully also know if the US space agency plans to go ahead with the launch when the next window opens on Friday.

We will bring you all the latest updates from the press conference as it goes live.

Anthony Cuthbertson August 29, 2022, at 14:27

1 hour ago.

Artemis 1 launch

We just heard from NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, who talked about what went wrong with the Artemis 1 launch.

“We don’t launch until it’s right,” he said. “It’s just ideal that it’s a very complex machine, a very complex system, and all these things have to work.”The candle should not be lit until it is prepared to burn.

Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix
Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix

He also revealed that US Vice President Kamala Harris was at Kennedy Space Center today for the failed launch attempt, which Mr. Nelson described as “an enthusiastic space booster”.

Anthony Cuthbertson August 29, 2022, at 14:24

1 hour ago.

Artemis 1 launch bush

At the earliest, we will have to wait until Friday for the next launch attempt of NASA’s Space Launch System.

“The launch of Artemis 1 is not happening today as teams work on an engine bleed issue,” the US space agency tweeted. The teams will keep gathering data, and we’ll keep you informed when the next launch attempt is scheduled.

After a launch scrub, NASA turns to backup dates.

After a nearly hour-long hold on the launch countdown, NASA finally cleared the Artemis I mission’s launch scheduled for Monday morning after a problem with one of the rocket’s main engines proved too difficult to fix on the launch pad. What happened

While NASA officials had expressed their hope that Artemis I would launch on Monday, the space agency has been cautious during testing and development of the SLS rocket, including backup launch dates for Artemis I. . September 2 and, if that window closes without a launch, September 5.

The start of NASA’s scrubs

NASA cleared the Artemis I launch at 8.36 am on Monday.

NASA updates a blog on the Artemis I countdown delay.

The countdown to launch for the Artemis I mission has been delayed while engineers work to fix an engine problem with the SLS rocket’s core stage. Meanwhile, NASA has posted a very brief blog post about the situation:

As engineers look into why the blood test to condition the engines failed, teams are being held up in the countdown at T-40 minutes, according to the blog post. “Engineers are looking into ways to gather as much data as they can. The rocket and spacecraft for the Artemis I mission are secure and stable.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Kamala Harris arrived at the Kennedy Space Center by plane around 8:30 a.m. EDT. The two-hour Artemis launch window opens at 8:33 a.m. EDT.

NASA Update on Unplanned Launch Hold

An unplanned hold on the Artemis I countdown that was expected to last 10 minutes has now stretched to nearly 40 minutes. However, the latest update from NASA suggests that the space agency is not clearing the launch.

Commentary on NASA’s live coverage of the launch indicates that launch director Charlie Blackwell Thompson and his team of engineers are still discussing the problem with Engine 3 of the SLS rocket. The team is waiting for some modeling data to help them develop a plan to fix the engine failure. Issue and hopefully proceed with the countdown.


(All times US Eastern Time, which is equivalent to UTC-4.)

Next Live Events

Monday, August 29

TBD – Press conference after the Artemis I mission launch wave

Future live events

Tuesday, August 30

10:10 a.m.-International Space Station Expedition 67 in-flight educational program with the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren

Wednesday, August 31.

International Space Station Expedition 67 in-flight educational activity at 1:10 PM with Kjell Lindgren of NASA and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science


On Wednesday, September 7,

1:20 p.m.- NASA Astronaut Jessica Watkins and Stanford University Alumni Magazine In-Flight Interview for International Space Station Expedition 67

Monday, September 12:

Noon – Coverage of Rice University’s commemoration of President John F. Kennedy’s speech committing the United States to the moon

Monday, September 26

6 p.m. – Live coverage begins for NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) impact with asteroid Dimorphous

Artemis 1

NASA Artemis Launch

The SLS countdown is still on hold.

As of 8:03 a.m. EDT Monday, the countdown to Artemis I’s launch is still on hold because of an engine bleed on Engine Three of the Space Launch System’s core stage.

Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix
Artemis I launch scrubbed as engine problem defies fast fix

Fueling of the large SLS rocket began at 1:14 a.m. EDT Monday, according to NASA’s commentary on the launch, and after those refueling operations were completed, ground crews began testing the engines and found that engine three was necessary for launch. Was not responding. This particular engine response was something that NASA’s ground teams had hoped to test during several “wet dress rehearsals” conducted during the spring and summer, but due to hydrogen fuel leaks. He was prevented from completing it by someone who took precedence.

Artemis 1 launch

The two-hour launch window for SLS liftoff opens in 45 minutes today.

The countdown is on hold, which means if we get a launch today it will likely be towards the end of the window.

On the plus side, the weather at the launch site in Florida is looking good, so hopefully, there won’t be any more disruptions if the issue is resolved.

NASA Artemis launched the NASA Artemis 1 launch rocket today.

Artemis 1 launch

If you’re just joining us, here’s an update on the Artemis 1 launch:

– The engine bleed problem has been the main cause of the launch delay, and teams on the ground are in the process of fixing it.

– The current countdown is at T-minus 40 minutes, with another scheduled hold due at the 10-minute mark. It is then that NASA will announce the new launch time.

– There’s a two-hour launch window, so hopefully there’s plenty of time today to work out the issues and lift off.

– If issues cannot be resolved, there are backup launch windows for September 2 and 5, 2022.

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