Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder

Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder

The body was identified as that of the Tennessee teacher accused of murdering the kidnapping suspect while jogging.

The body of a Tennessee teacher whom authorities say was kidnapped while jogging was found Monday after a days-long search, police said Tuesday morning.
Eliza Fletcher

Memphis police announced that a body found in South Memphis has been identified as Eliza “Lisa” Fletcher, a 34-year-old woman who police say was abducted on Friday.

The identification comes after the arrest of Cleotha Abston, 38, who was initially charged Sunday with aggravated kidnapping in connection with Fletcher’s disappearance. The Memphis Police Department announced additional charges of first-degree murder and first-degree murder in connection with the kidnapping on Tuesday.

Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder
Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder

Abston was arrested Sunday after police from the Memphis Police Department said DNA found on a pair of Champion brand slides found in the street linked him to him.
Eliza Fletcher

What is known so far regarding the case is as follows: Body identified as Tennessee

Previously, a man was charged with kidnapping in the disappearance of Memphis jogger Eliza Fletcher.

What is the latest in the case?

Police announced Monday that they had found a body near the area where Fletcher went missing. Police revealed on Tuesday that Fletcher’s body had been located.

Officials discovered the body around 5 p.m. Fletcher was taken to a residential area about five miles from the University of Memphis campus.

Who is Eliza Fletcher? Body identified as Tennessee

Authorities from the local, state, and federal levels launched a large manhunt after Fletcher was abducted last week.

Fletcher was a St. John’s teacher and a mother of two. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis.

She was also the great-granddaughter of the late Joseph Orgill III, a well-known philanthropist who assisted in running the privately held hardware supply company Orgill Inc. in Memphis.

One suspect in a Canadian mass stabbing has been found dead; his brother is still on the run.

When did Fletcher disappear?

On Friday, the woman’s husband, Richard Fletcher, informed police that his wife had not returned from her run by 7 a.m. and that a man on a motorcycle, riding the same route Fletcher was riding, Eliza. Fletcher’s cell phone and a Champion brand pair were found. Slide into the street.

Police reviewed surveillance footage from the nearby Earthquake Research and Information Center on the University of Memphis campus and said the video showed a black GMC Terrain driving by and then waiting for Fletcher to pass.

The victim, Eliza Fletcher, was forced into the passenger side of the black GMC Terrain by a male who then violently ran toward her, according to the affidavit. “It seemed as though there was a fight throughout this kidnapping.”

Police say the SUV was parked for about four minutes before it drove off.

After studying the video, detectives determined that the same vehicle was seen in the neighborhood around 24 minutes before the kidnapping. According to the police, given the brutality of the kidnapping, they think Fletcher sustained major injuries.

Who is Cleotha Abston?

The slides were sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for DNA testing, which later matched Abston in a national DNA database from a previous conviction.

Abston was released from prison in November 2020 after serving two decades in prison for kidnapping. In this case, he kidnapped a Memphis lawyer, who spent time working for the Innocence Project. Abston was sentenced to 24 years in prison in this case.

Detectives began looking into what Abston was doing in the days before and after Fletcher’s disappearance and found footage of him wearing eighty slides at a Memphis cinema on Thursday, police said.

During the investigation, police also discovered that the Terrain was registered to a woman, who is not being named because she has not been charged with a crime.
Eliza Fletcher

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Police questioned the owner of Majesty’s Cleaning Service, where Abston worked, and he confirmed that he drove the Terrain and also provided investigators with his cell phone number. This number was used to pinpoint Abston’s location at the time of Fletcher’s kidnapping, proving that he was there.

What was the reason for Abston’s arrest?

On Saturday, a U.S. The car was discovered by marshals parked near the location where the event occurred on Thursday. The car was identified by the license plate, and the marshals at the apartment complex could see “noticeable damage” to the car’s rear passenger-side taillight on the security video.

When law enforcement officials tried to arrest Abston, who was in Terrain at the time, they say he tried to run but was taken into custody.

Police questioned a different woman who claimed to have seen Abston outside the house of her brother, Mario Abston. She admitted to the police that Cleotha Abston did not reside there, but “she noticed Cleotha Abston using a floor cleaner to clean the inside of the GMC Terrain and that he was acting unusual.”

Both the woman and Abston’s brother told investigators they saw Abston cleaning his clothes in the home’s sink.

Mario Abston, who was also arrested Sunday on unrelated drug charges, has not been charged in Fletcher’s disappearance. Police said Fletcher was not believed to be involved in the abduction.

Eliza Fletcher, a missing jogger, has a body that has been identified.

Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder
Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder

A body found during an investigation into the disappearance of Eliza Fletcher, a 34-year-old woman who was abducted during a jog Friday morning, has been confirmed as the missing jogger, authorities said Tuesday.

Police in Memphis, Tennessee, announced Monday that a body had been discovered, a day after charges were announced against a man in an alleged kidnapping case.

On Sunday, Memphis police announced that Cleotha Abston, 38, had been charged with kidnapping and tampering with evidence in connection with Fletcher’s disappearance.
Eliza Fletcher

After her body was identified, police said Abston was charged with first-degree murder and additional charges of first-degree murder for kidnapping. During an arraignment Tuesday, a judge set his bond at $510,000.

Abston told the judge he could not afford a lawyer and had been appointed a public defender.

Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder
Body identified as Tennessee teacher abducted while jogging; suspect charged with murder

At about 4:20 a.m. Friday, a man approached Fletcher, an avid runner, kindergarten teacher, and mother of two, and forced her into an SUV, police said.

An affidavit attached to a criminal complaint said a pair of Champion slide sandals recovered from the area where Fletcher went missing had DNA matching Abston’s.

According to the affidavit, security footage from the location shows “a black GMC driving past and then waiting for the victim to get away.” A man then got out of the car, ran up to Fletcher, and forced him into the passenger seat, it said.

The document claims that there was a struggle during the kidnapping. There were “Champion Slides” sandals nearby. The vehicle then sat in the parking lot with the victim for approximately four minutes before driving away.

There is no information regarding the method and cause of death.

Cellular records obtained by investigators allege Abston’s cell phone was near the location where Fletcher was forced into the vehicle.

The officers arrested Abston on Saturday after finding a GMC Terrain with a matching license plate number in the parking lot of Abston’s residence, the affidavit said.
Eliza Fletcher

Clutha Abston’s brother, Mario Abston, 36, was also arrested, but authorities said he was not connected to Fletcher’s kidnapping. Police tweeted that he was charged with drug and firearms offenses.

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