Barcelona vs Man City

Barcelona vs Man City

Barcelona vs Man City
Barcelona vs Man City

Barcelona vs Man City Result: The teams play out an interesting draw at the end of a charity friendly at the Camp Nou

The European season kicked off a few weeks ago, but giants FC Barcelona and Manchester City broke up their rivalry efforts as they faced off at the Camp Nou in a charity match benefiting a cause close to home for both organizations. happens.

The clubs played out a 3-3 draw in front of 91,000 fans, with Barcelona favorites Frenkie de Jong, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Memphis Depay all on the scoresheet for the hosts. Julian Alvarez and Cole Palmer scored for Man City and Riyad Mahrez equalized with a penalty in stoppage time.


The teams came together at the Camp Nou to support Pep Guardiola’s former team-mate and assistant coach Juan Carlos Anzo, in a match described as “a great game for a great cause”. Each manager has named a strong squad for the event, with teams expected to field top athletes in support of ALS research.

While the match is scheduled in the middle of the league season, it’s still early enough in the campaign that it shouldn’t be too much trouble for anyone, as the Champions League group stage games aren’t scheduled for a few weeks.

90 minutes was a success, with a large audience to bring out an important cause for many. The only blemish on the game came at the end, as Man City youngster Luc Embatt-Tabo was stretchered off after a clash of heads. Then, moments later, Erling Haaland flopped clear to win the equalizing penalty which Mahrez blasted home.

Barcelona vs Man City Final Score

 1H 2H Final

Barcelona 1 2 3

Main City 1 2 3


21st minute — MCI — Julian Alvarez

29th minute — bar — Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

66th minute — bar — Frankie de Jong

70th minute — MCI — Cole Palmer

79th minute — bar — Memphis Depay.

98th minute — MCI — Riyaz Mahrez (pen)

Barcelona vs Man City Live Updates, Highlights, Commentary

Full time: Barcelona 3-3 Man City

Barcelona vs Man City
Barcelona vs Man City

Guardiola and Xavi share friendly hugs and laugh at the full-time whistle that brings an enjoyable evening to a close.

This is a great match with plenty of action for a good cause. It ended with a whimper as thoughts were with the injured Mbete, and Erling Haaland flopped over to win the penalty. But overall the match was a success from every angle.

90+8 min: Penalty, Man City! Just up the field, Erling Holland wins a penalty for the visitors, as they look to level the scores at the death! It’s a hilariously bad decision to be perfectly honest, as Haaland runs across Christensen and then just goes to the turf. A replay shows a slight touch on the back of his foot, but it doesn’t seem to cause him too much trouble before a face-off out of nowhere. Watching the replay a second time, you can see the moment Holland decided to go down. unfortunate.

Riyad Mahrez steps up, and goals, Man City! Penalty thundered in the upper right corner.

90+6 mins: We’re finally back after over 10 minutes. 11 minutes of injury time are given, six of which have already been used.

89th minute: Signs for Mbete after that clash of heads. He’s sitting and talking with the trainers, but then he lays down. The cart comes out and there is a considerable delay, finally, Mbete is strapped to the backboard and taken off by the cart. As the board is loaded onto the cart, players from both sides come to send their wishes to the Man City youngster.

84th minute: Well, it’s been a tough night for Barcelona’s goalkeepers. Arnau Texas, in the new game, almost makes a terrible mistake in possession, but he gets away with a bad heavy touch and gets himself out of trouble after Kevin De Bruyne closes down.

See in the US:

Andreas Christensen, new arrival for Jules Kande, goes head-to-head with City’s Mbete-Tabu. Christensen is ready, while Mbete needs a bit more attention.

More than 91,000 fans were announced in attendance. Incredible turnout for a charity match to benefit ALS research.

79th minute: Goal, Barcelona! Ortega could do nothing about Memphis Depay’s devastating finish! A big switch of the game comes to Sergi Roberto who puts in an excellent low cross for Depay on the penalty spot. The Dutchman is unmarked, and when he cuts in it’s a brilliant finish.

Barcelona made a few more changes, with Arnau Tenas replacing Inaki Pena. Also, Sergio Dust replaces Sergi Roberto, interestingly handing over the captain’s arm to the young Ansu Fati.

76th minute: Chance, Barcelona! Memphis Depay looks to finish the charge ahead of Gavi, but Ortega is there to save Man City. A good stop from the city back up.

74th minute: The first real moment of aggression in the match saw Palmer, who had scored a minute earlier, fly over Gavi with a crunching tackle. The referee shows leniency, but Dang is awarded a free kick. Tough position. Barcelona cannot change, because it is locked in the goalkeeper’s bread basket.

70th minute: Goal, Man City! A brilliant equalizing chance from Cancelo Moments after losing A, he is involved in a move that brings Man City to the surface.

See in the US:

Erling Haaland is about to be introduced, as he is shown on the sideline in his bib chatting with Guardiola. Alvarez is the coming man.

Barcelona made further changes, with De Jong and Bisquets in favour of Miralem Pjanic and Pablo Toure.

69th minute: Chance, Man City! The game has exploded again! Man City are pushing for an equaliser, and Julian Alvarez has a vicious rip from a distance that is beaten past Ainaki Pina. The Barcelona goalkeeper can only push it away, straight into the path of Joao Cancelo, but his follow-up is blasted over the bar.

66th minute: Goal, Barcelona! Frenkie de Jong may be leaving Barcelona this summer, but he has left another mark on Camp Nou. Kevin De Bruyne gifted Barcelona a chance with a terrific square pass into their penalty area which Gavi stole away. Depay takes the goalkeeper out of his dribbling, and De Jong is there to finish off the chance with a drive that rattles the net. Hosts are ahead!

See in the US:

Frenkie de Jong was quick to react after a big mistake and Barcelona took the lead

64th minute: Huge applause from the Camp Nou fans who want to see the greatest players. This is the result of Kevin De Bruyne entering the pitch in place of Bernardo Silva, who has been heavily linked with Barcelona this transfer window. Can he come back soon?

56th minute: Kelvin Phillips is receiving treatment from Man City’s training staff, clutching his shoulder after an awkward 50/50 tussle with a Barcelona player. The midfielder, who joined from Leeds this summer, appeared to be in a bit of pain but seemed to have a full range of motion. He then laughs with Guardiola, which is a good sign.

Meanwhile, Barcelona made several changes. Memphis Depay, Alex Blade, Gabi, and Eric Gacia are included, while Aubameyang, Alba, Kessie, and Gerard Pique are withdrawn. Aubameyang waved to the crowd, which could be a sign of his immediate club future.

Unzue is now pictured in the Barcelona dugout, sitting next to Xavi and chatting with his former midfielder. Reminds us of whom the players are playing for.

48th minute: Chance, Man City! How did it not go in?! Inaki Pena, who made a disastrous mistake to gift Man City a goal in the first half, made up for it here with a brilliant double save on Julian Alvarez. Somehow, the Barcelona goalkeeper kept City out.

46th minute: We expected half-time changes because it’s friendly, but it’s less than we expected. Barcelona brought on Ansu Fati, who changed the game with his second-half substitute against Real Sociedad. Camp Nou fans applaud Fati’s introduction.

Just a trio of changes for Man City, as Joao Cancelo, Josh Wilson-Esbrand, and Luke Mbete-Tabu come into the backline, replacing Rico Lewis, Kyle Walker, and Sergio Gomez. Otherwise, all starters will remain on the field. We will try to stay with what will surely be a flood of substitutes in the second half.

Half time: Barcelona 1-1 Man City

The final 10 minutes of the first half progressed with little flavour, but each side found the back of the net at the break.

It has been a fantastic match to enjoy so far. Players are ready for the game, there is a very little needle or rivalry, and the game provides a wonderful platform to advance a great cause. The broadcast of the match has repeatedly allowed fans to donate to ALS research.

35th minute: Frankie de Jong goes high in the air and lands hard on the back of Bernardo Silva. The Dutchman slowly gets up but gets back to his feet and looks fine after that hard fall. Silva gives him a hand and then shows that there is no aggression between the parties who know what this match is about.

31st minute: The game really opens up now, as Cole Palmer counter-attacks down the right, and Bernardo Silva finally stung the palms of Inaki Pena with a low drive. The Barcelona goalkeeper is on the job.

29th minute: Goal, Barcelona! Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang equalizes the score in what could be his last match for the club! A set-piece came to the head of Sergio Busquets, and when it was on its way, it fell to Aubameyang’s right at a tight angle, and he finished inside the near post for the equaliser. It’s not one Ortega will want to look back on, he looked to have his near post covered, but he cheated the far post and was fooled.

28th minute: Some may be concerned about the danger to players during a mid-season friendly, but they can see how low the needle is in this charity match. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang slipped while trying to control the ball under pressure, and as he helped up after the game, he was smiling alongside Bernardo Silva.

27th minute: Chance, Man City! The hosts gave another gift to the city! Jules Kunde, who rusts all Wid, perhaps as he waits to register for a La Liga game, passes the ball straight to Cole Palmer at the top of the penalty area. Palmer then turned Conde out of his boot as the Barcelona defender looked to recover, but eventually, the shot went over the crossbar. What an opportunity, what a miss!

21 min: Goal, Man City! Oh no, a terrible mistake from Barcelona goalkeeper Anaki Pena! A deep ball high above the Barcelona defence is a routine combination for Pena, but the ball slips out of his hands. A charging Julian Alvarez is there to capitalize on the mistake of putting the ball into the back of the net. This is the first shot on target and the opening goal.

In a stunning moment, Juan Carlos Unzue was then shown talking to Pep Guardiola on the sidelines, with the manager and his former Barcelona boss sitting on the Man City bench.

See in the US:

20th minute: Lovely backheel from Sergio Busquets to a springing Frankie de Jong on the break, and Julian Alvarez has no choice but to parry the Dutch midfielder.

17th minute: Barcelona are still pushing for the opening goal of the game. Rafinha is whistled for offside.

10th minute: The game has slowed down since the opening chance, but Barcelona have all the early chances. Frank Casey hits the outside of the post, and then Ferran Torres comes close with a blocked effort.

Third minute: Chance, Barcelona! Man City was immediately put under pressure at Camp Nou, with Aubameyang meeting a cross on the doorstep to put the hosts in front. The point-blank effort is saved by Ortega, who can’t quite handle the shot but keeps it out as the defence awkwardly clears.

First minute: We’re on at Camp Nou! Both teams are in their third kit of the season.

Pre-match: Barcelona v Man City (kick-off 9:30 pm local CET)

3 minutes to kick-off: The man for whom the match is being played had to speak to the Barcelona squad before kick-off.

Unzue is now speaking to thousands of fans just before kick-off at the Camp Nou, as the starters are introduced onto the pitch. A beautiful moment.

26 minutes to kick-off: 85,000 tickets have reportedly been sold for this charity match. Great, global exposure for a good cause!

51 minutes to kick-off: The Barcelona line-up is finally in, and it’s a mixed bag too. New signing Jules Conde, who is not yet registered for La Liga play, starts at centre-back. Inaki Pena takes his place between the sticks with Marc-Andre ter Stegen on the bench. A large, 14-man bench for Barcelona, all first-team players, underscores the club’s clear need to offload deadweight at the end of the transfer window.

60 minutes to kick-off: Man City line up first. Pep promised that first-team players would be involved, but the starting line-up is a little disappointing in that regard. Kyle Walker captains the team that includes Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez and Phil Foden. Julian Alvarez leads the line with Kevin De Bruyne leading the line with Erling Haaland on the bench.

29-year-old goalkeeper Stefan Ortega, a summer signing from Armenia Belfield, is the starting goalkeeper, with Ederson on the bench. Youngsters Cole Palmer and Rico Lewis start for City, with youth team players Ben Knight, Josh Wilson-Esbrand, Luke Mbete, and Oscar Bob available off the bench.

86 mins to kick off: Man City boss Pep Guardiola has hinted that he could use this friendly to test new tactics, but more importantly, new players in the squad. “The benefits? We will get together for the new players, have training time, and recover in a different environment,” Guardiola said.

This could mean time for new signing Sergio Gomes who was signed from Anderlecht just last week. The 21-year-old left-back could use the time to get up to speed as the Man City squad deal with some defensive injuries.

110 minutes to kick-off: While the match itself will benefit ALS research, Barcelona is also promoting another cause with their third kit, which will debut in this match. The Catalan club announced that its third kit features a design inspired by the Cross of St. Jordi award, the second highest civilian honour awarded by the government of Catalonia, behind only the Gold Medal of the Generalitat. behind

The award was first given 30 years ago, with FC Barcelona being one of the first recipients, and the club is commemorating the anniversary with a third kit design. Lionel Messi was also the recipient of the award as early as 2022, becoming the second footballer to receive the award after Johan Cruyff.

120 minutes to kick-off: The centrepiece of today’s match is Juan Carlos Inzoy, who was diagnosed with ALS in F. February 2020. Proceeds from the match at Camp Nou will benefit ALS research.

Barcelona vs Man City Lineup

Barcelona vs Man City
Barcelona vs Man City

Barcelona beat Real Sociedad during the first half last weekend and struggled to cope against a formidable team, but the introduction of Ansu Fati early in the second period turned the game around and gave the Blaugrana a 4-1 victory.

Robert Lewandowski scored his first two Barcelona goals in the bounce-back win, including in the first 44 seconds of the game. Xavi has several attacking options to support the Polish striker, and it will be a roll of the dice each game to determine which trio he will go with on the day.

The Barca boss currently has no injuries to work on, although Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s status is high given the possibility of his departure to Chelsea. The Gabonese striker finds the starting lineup, with Lewandowski on the bench.

Despite not yet being registered for La Liga play, defender Jules Conde featured at the back, and Sergio Busquets returned from suspension in Barcelona’s last league match against La Real. Alongside Biscuits is Frankie de Jong whose transfer saga continues.

Barcelona starting line-up (4-3-3): Pena (GK) — Alba, Pique, Conde, Roberto — Casey, Busquets, De Jong — Torres, Aubameyang, Rafinha.

Barcelona players (14): Ter Stijn (GK), Tenis (GK), Dest, Araujo, Christensen, Garcia, Balde, Pjanic, Padre, Gavi, Toure, Depay, Lewandowski, Dembele.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola assured fans that the club would field a strong starting line-up, telling reporters at the announcement of the match, “We’re going to bring all the big guns, don’t worry.” This was partly true, but not entirely true.

The Premier League team must deal with certain injuries. Notably, Nathan Ake picked up an early groin problem against Newcastle on Sunday and did not travel to Barcelona with the squad. Ruben Dias took the Dutchman’s position on Tyneside.

Aymeric Laporte is reportedly close to returning from knee surgery but is still unavailable. Jack Grealish missed the Newcastle game with a knock, and while he has travelled to Spain for the match, his status remains unclear.

Man City starting line-up (4-3-3): Ortega (GK) — Lewis, Walker, Dias, Gomes — Phillips, Silva, Palmer — Mahrez, Alvarez, Foden.

Man City Subs (12): Ederson (GK), Carson (GK), Wilson Esbrandt, Stones, Kenslow, Mbete, Gundogan, Rodri, Bob, De Bruyne, Knight, Holland.

MORE: Newcastle v Man City result, highlights and analysis as Holland and Silva salvage draw in St James’ thriller

How to watch Barcelona vs Man City

 Datetime TV Channel Streaming

Australia Thursday, 25 August 05:30 AET — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

Canada Wednesday, August 24 15:30 ET — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

Hong Kong Thursday, 25 August 03:30 HKT — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

India Thursday, August 24 01:00 IST — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

Malaysia Thursday, 25 August 03:30 MYT — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

New Zealand Thursday, 25 August 07:30 NZST — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

Singapore Thursday, 25 August 03:30 SST — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

UK Wednesday, 24 August 20:30 BST — BarcaTV+, City+, Man City Recast

USA Wednesday, August 24 15:30 ET CBS Sports Network fuboTV

USA: Champions League broadcaster CBS Sports Network will carry the match in the USA with the channel available to stream on fuboTV.

International: Club matches will be broadcast worldwide via both clubs’ premium streaming services.

Barcelona will make the match available via BarcaTV+, while Man City are making the match available on City+ and Man City Recast, both of the club’s streaming services.

City+ is a season-long subscription service to access all Man City content, similar to BarcaTV+, while Recast is a more cost-effective pay-per-view subscription service offered by the Premier League.

Why are Manchester City and Barcelona competing in a charity game?

The match is organized to support ALS research by Pep Guardiola’s former assistant coach Juan Carlos Anzo, who was diagnosed with the disease in early 2020.

Enzo, a former goalkeeper who played briefly for Barcelona (1988-1990), was an assistant coach at Barcelona from 2003-2010 and again from 2014-2017. He overlapped with Guardiola at the club from 2007-2010 before he was hired to manage Numancia.

Enzo then took charge of Racing Santander before joining Celta Vigo as an assistant and then returning to Barcelona under Luis Enrique. Before being forced to quit due to health reasons, the 55-year-old also served as manager of Girona and Celta Vigo.

All ticket sales and match proceeds at the stadium will go towards ALS research, with the game benefiting the Luzon Foundation.

Man United beat Liverpool

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