Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023

Google Chrome Extensions. Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023

Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions Review and compare our list of the best Chrome extensions with features to choose from:

Google Chrome is one of the most frequently used web browsers. This browser is used every day by millions of people all over the world. The functionality of this browser can be extended by installing Chrome extensions.

Millions of Chrome extensions are available nowadays, so choosing the right one for your browser can be difficult.

We’ve reviewed several Chrome extensions to help you find the best one for different uses.

Overview of the most popular Chrome extensions

Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023
Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023

Fact Check: The majority of Google Chrome extensions are productivity, entertainment, and photo apps. Developer tools, social and communication, and accessibility apps make up a smaller proportion of Chrome extensions, but still number in the thousands.

Pro tip: The Chrome browser notifies users when an extension is untrusted by displaying a “Proceed with caution” popup. This can help users distinguish between extensions made by trusted developers and those made by unknown ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1) Can I trust Chrome Extensions?

Answer: Chrome extensions come from a variety of developers. Google views the majority of extensions as safe to use. However, users should proceed with caution before installing extensions that have low downloads or reviews.

Question #2) Are Chrome extensions bad?

Answer: They offer additional functionality to the Chrome browser. Some of these extensions can use a large number of system resources and collect your data.

Question No 3) Are Chrome Extensions Free?

There are lots of fantastic, free Chrome extensions available. However, many extensions also include paid versions with additional features and functionality.

Q #4) What is the purpose of the chrome extension?

Answer: They offer additional capabilities to the Google Chrome browser.

Question No 5) Can Chrome Extensions Steal Your Information?

Answer: Many extensions can track your various online activities. Some of these extensions have the ability to gather your passwords and store information about your browser history. Users should stick with trusted extensions from major developers to avoid such issues.

List of the best Chrome extensions

Here are some popular and essential Chrome extensions:

1. Google Calendar

2. Writing

3. Easel

4. Grammatically

5. Loom

6. HubSpot Sales

7. Last Pass

8. All the time

9. Great screenshot

10. Checker Plus for Gmail

11. Stay focused

12. Rescue Time

13. Buffer

14. Oberlo Ali Express Product Importer

Comparison of the top essential Chrome extensions

Name the best tool for price classification


Google Calendar

Individuals and businesses who want to be more organized and independent.


Anyone who wants to save time editing screenshots and writing steps. Free web-based capture Chrome addon with an infinite number of users and guides.

Pro: $29 per user per month; includes editing of screenshots and desktop recorder.


Anyone who works in various applications and wants to save time and energy organizing documents. Free: Chrome extension to find links in any app, add unlimited apps.

Pro: Coming soon!

In terms of grammar

Authors who require spell checking and plagiarism checking. Basic: Free

Premium: $12/month

Business: $12.50/month

The loom

Screen and audio capture and file sharing starter: Free

Business: $8/month

Enterprise: Contact sales for details.

HubSpot Sales

Businesses who want to manage customer relationships more effectively Free: $0

Starter: $45/month

Professional: $450/month

Enterprise: $1200/month

Last pass

Individuals and businesses that need a strong password manager Free: $0

Premium: $3/month

Families: $4/month

Teams: $4/month

Business: $6/month

#1) Google Calendar

Perfect for those looking to become more organized.

One of the best calendar tools available is Google Calendar. Users can easily keep track of events, create new schedules, and share them with coworkers, friends, or family. You can also set reminders, keep track of RSVPs, and send invitations.


• Schedule view

• View of the year

• Schedule upcoming meeting rooms

• Add appointments.

• World clock

Conclusion: Google Calendar is one of the best online calendar tools. It is easy to use, yet has many features that almost anyone can use.

Price: Free

Website: Google Calendar

Chrome Extension: Google Calendar Extension


#2) Writing

Perfect for anyone who needs to create step-by-step instructions and wants to save time editing screenshots and writing steps.

Scribe is a popular new Chrome extension that’s an instant time-saver for anyone creating step-by-step guides. It captures your screen as you complete the process, then creates featured screenshots and written instructions for you. There are no more writing steps in Word.

Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023
Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023

Individual scribes can be shared with others via a link, embedded within an existing knowledge base or other tool, or accessed by teammates with permission. Google Chrome Extensions


• Quick document creation

• Featured screenshots

• Screenshot editor

Embeddable guides

• Recommended guides

• Integration with project management, the CMS, the knowledge base, and other systems.

Conclusion: Scribe is an easy-to-use tool that will increase the productivity of any business when creating documents or instructions.


Free web-based capture Chrome addon with an infinite number of users and guides.

Pro: $29 per user per month; includes editing of screenshots and desktop recorder.

#3) Easel

Perfect for anyone who works on a variety of applications and wants to save time and energy organizing documents.

The documents you need to work on are displayed in your new tab thanks to diesel’s filtering of your browser history. You can view recent documents, filter by app or search by title or content. All in one clear place.

This is one of the top new fast company apps of 2023. There’s no need to create accounts, grant terrible permissions, or integrate the various apps you use. Install eesel and it just works.

Whether it’s for a project or a user, eesel will also automatically organize your work into folders so you don’t have to worry about adding your documents to the right place.


• View recent documents, filter by app, or search by topic or content.

• Folders you don’t need to maintain.

• Establish a central point of truth for groups working on projects.

• Commands to perform actions such as creating new documents.

• No setup.

Verdict: eesel is a great tool for any business struggling to navigate and organize their documents across multiple apps.


• Free: Add Chrome extension, unlimited apps, to find links in any app.

• Pro: Coming soon!

Website: eesel

Chrome extension: Easel extension


#4) Grammatically

Perfect for writers who need to improve their content and quickly check for plagiarism.

One of the most widely used Chrome extensions is Grammarly. It has a clear and uncomplicated design and is a grammar and spelling checker. Users may quickly adjust the parameters for their spell check and quickly check for plagiarism.

Its premium version offers features for tone adjustment, word selection, and formal levels. Grammarly is perfect for any writer who wants to clean up and improve their written content.


• Spelling

• Grammar

• Awqaf

• Fluency testing

• Plagiarism detection

Conclusion: Grammarly’s clean and simple interface makes it easy and fun to use. Writers of all backgrounds can benefit from using this app for their writing content.


• Basic: Free

Premium: $12/month

• Business: $12.50/month

Website: Grammarly

• Chrome extension: Grammar extension

• ________________________________________

#5) Loom

• Perfect for small to medium businesses that require easy video communication between staff.

Loom is a much needed Chrome extension. It is a video messaging tool designed for the workplace. Users can record their screen, face or voice and create videos with just a few clicks. This helps save time, as users can get straight to the point of creating and sharing their content.


• Video capture

• Take a screenshot

• Image editor

• Scrolling capture

• File sharing

• Platform search

Conclusion: Loom is a useful tool for any business owner or employee who needs to quickly convey information via video or audio.

Test: Yes 14 days for Loom Business


• Starter: Free

• Business: $8/month

• Enterprise: Contact sales for details.

Website: Loom

• Chrome extension: Loom extension

#6) Hubspot Sales

• Perfect for large businesses that need an efficient way to manage customer relationships.

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system for large businesses that want to store and manage customer information. You can expand your firm using the analytics and sales engagement capabilities it has.

The platform provides businesses with better insight into their customers and tools to improve customer management performance.


• Automated Salesforce tools.

• Marketing automation tools.

• Customer support tools.

• Mobile user support.

• Features of social support.

Conclusion: HubSpot Sales offers a wide range of tools for customer relationship and sales management. If you operate a growing business and need to stay on top of operations, this is one of the best Chrome extensions.

Test: Yes 14 days


• Free: $0

• Starter: $45/month

Professional: $450/month

• Enterprise: $1200/month

• Website: Hubspot Sales

• Chrome Extension: HubSpot Sales Extension

• ________________________________________

#7) Last Pass

• Perfect for anyone who needs a versatile and reliable password manager.

LastPass is a feature-packed password manager with all the tools you need to keep your passwords safe. Users can securely share their passwords with others, protect themselves using simple dark web monitoring tools.


• Two-factor authentication

• Automatic form filler

• Fingerprint login

• Password generator

• Mobile app unlock pin

Conclusion: LastPass is an excellent password manager that can compete with other top-end password managers in the market. Its wide array of features will satisfy even the most demanding users.


• Free: 30-day access to Premium

Premium: 30 days

• Family: 30 days

• Teams: 14 days

• Business: 14 days


• Free: $0

Premium: $3/month

Families: $4/month

• Teams: $4/month

• Business: $6/month

• Website: LastPass

• Chrome extension: LastPass extension

#8) All the time

Perfect for small business teams and freelancers who want to track time spent on projects.

Everhour is an online time tracking extension suitable for small business teams and freelancers who want to track time spent on various projects and create billable invoices based on them. The extension has a clean and simple interface but also has a wide range of useful features.


• Project management tools

• Resource planning tools

Reports and dashboards

• Tracking costs

• Sending invoices

Conclusion: Everhour is an excellent choice for any small business team or freelancer who wants to keep track of their activities and convert their efforts into billable hours. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions due to its simple interface that is easy for new users to pick up. Billable invoice creation is straightforward with Everhour.


• Premium: $8.50/month per user.

• Trial: Yes | 14 days

Website: Ever Hour

Chrome extension: Everhour extension


#9) Great screenshot

Perfect for users who need a high-quality screenshot and screen capture tool.

For designers and non-technical people that require high-quality screen recording and screenshot capabilities, there is an Awesome Screenshot Chrome addon. Users can easily and quickly submit feedback by annotating their screenshots with text and other elements.

Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023
Top Best 12 Google Chrome Extensions for 2023

You can upload recorded photographs with the addon in a variety of ways. This includes uploading via an extension, selecting an image from your computer, dragging and dropping an image, and pasting your image via the clipboard.


• Take a screenshot

• Video capture

• Image editing

• Scrolling capture

• Screen recording

• File sharing

Conclusion: Brilliant Screenshot offers a great solution for designers and casual users looking for a quick and easy way to capture their screen. Annotations and text tools make it incredibly easy to provide feedback. This equipment is necessary for any designer.

• Price: Free

• Basic: $4/month for each user

• Professional: $5/month for each user

• Team: $25/month for five users

• Website: Great screenshot

• Chrome Extension: Great screenshot extension

#10) Checker Plus for Gmail

• Perfect for small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs who need to stay up-to-date with email communications.

Checker Plus for Gmail offers a quick and easy solution for businesses and consumers who need to monitor their emails without opening the Gmail app.

Users can see how many emails they have received by looking at the extension’s button on their Chrome toolbar. You can also choose how you get notifications. Users can choose to receive pop-ups, chime alerts, and even have part of their email read aloud. Google Chrome Extensions


Monitoring Gmail

• Custom notifications.

• Push notification support.

• Offline view.

Conclusion: Checker Plus for Gmail is a great addition for anyone who needs to keep track of a high volume of emails throughout the day. Its customizable notification feature makes it easy for users to choose the option that suits them.

Price: Free

Website: Checker Plus for Gmail

Chrome extension: Checker Plus for Gmail extension


#11) StayFocused

Perfect for any user who needs a website blocking tool with customizable features.

StayFocusd is a simple yet useful website blocking tool. It offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to block websites for specific periods of time. Users can also selectively block in-page content, such as images and videos, to help them focus on other tasks.


• Blocking websites for specific time periods.

• Tracking time spent on the website.

• Simple pause and play feature.

• Block notifications.

• View app usage and history.

Conclusion: StayFocusd is a website blocker that gets the job done. It is useful for increasing productivity while browsing the web and the app tracking feature helps users understand where they are spending their time.

Price: Free

Website: StayFocusd

Chrome Extension: Stay Focused Extension


#12) Rescue Time

Perfect for individuals who need to track time spent on various online activities.

Rescue Time is a great productivity app that offers insight into your activity. It’s compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, so you can track how your time is spent at home and on the go. This app is best for personal use and is not intended as a time-tracking solution for businesses.


• Recording of computer activity.

• Keeping track of the time spent on phone calls and meetings.

• Weekly email summary of activity.

• Tool for comparison of productive vs. non-productive days.

• Website blocking.

Conclusion: Rescue Time is a must-have Chrome extension as it runs on both desktop and mobile devices. It will help any user to manage their time more efficiently.

Test: Yes 14 days


• Rescue Time Light: Free

• Rescue Time Premium: $9/month

Website: Rescue Time

Chrome Extension: Rescue Time Extension


#13) Buffer

Perfect for small businesses that need a versatile social media management tool.

Buffer is a versatile social media management platform aimed at increasing customer engagement and delivering great results. It includes tools for publishing, increasing engagement, and analyzing social media performance. Free extension for Chrome

These tools are essential for social media marketers who want to stay on top of their business accounts and collaborate with others to have the best social media presence.


• Publishing

• Analyzing

• Social engagement

• Analytics

• Content calendar

Verdict: Buffer makes social media management a breeze. Users can plan ahead thanks to its easy post scheduling feature. Its collaboration tools also help divide tasks for easy social media management.


• Basic: Free

Essentials: $5/month

• Website: Buffer

• Chrome extension: Buffer extension

• ________________________________________

#14) Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer

• Perfect for e-commerce business owners who want to buy products from AliExpress Marketplace.

Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer offers e-commerce store owners a seamless interface to browse products on the AliExpress marketplace. They can buy items directly through the app and run a drop shipping business from anywhere in the world.


Instant product import from AliExpress Marketplace.

• Synchronization of imports between AliExpress and Shopify.

• Easy sample ordering.

Conclusion: Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer is an excellent choice for any e-commerce business owner who wants to simplify the management of AliExpress imports.


• Explorer: Free

• Boss: $29.90/month

Website: Oberlo

Chrome Extension: Oberlo Extension



There are many excellent Chrome extensions available, as you can see. Many of the extensions and apps discussed above are related to productivity on both personal and business levels.

Rescue Time is a great choice for these users those who want to manage their time effectively. Loom is perfect for anyone who wants powerful screen and audio-capturing capabilities

Google Calendar stands out for its simple yet effective interface that helps keep things organized. The next time you want to expand the capabilities of your Chrome browser, consider reviewing the above list.

Research Process:

Time spent researching this article: We spent 9 hours researching the best Chrome extensions from various categories. The extensions we’ve included in the list are helpful for many different users.

Total tools researched: 25

Shortlisted Top Tools: 12

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