How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads

How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads

How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisements have completely changed how we monetize our website. We have our advertisements set up so that we always have a positive return on investment and make more money than we spend.

Depending on what we’re advertising, it might range from 20% to 400%.

How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads
How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads

It goes without saying that I should tell you guys about it.

Everything we know about this topic was obtained from the Facebook Ad Academy course created by Brian and Scott Moran of Get10kFans.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my article on the “Top 10 Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid,” which will set you on the road to starting to make more money right away.

The Basic Premise

Let’s assume you are selling a digital product online for $100 (to keep things simple). You generate a $100 clean profit on each sale.

If you promote that product for less than $100 and get a sale, your return on investment is positive.

How you promote the product will determine just how much of a return on investment you get.

Therefore, how do you promote the product?

Advertising Option 1

First, we’ll examine a common strategy that involves gathering email addresses first, sending visitors to sales pages, and then following up with emails.

Step 1 – Collect the Email

                        You create a Facebook ad campaign to promote a free ebook, report or course in exchange for a potential customer’s email address. This may be accomplished using a page template in OptimisePress as well as a variety of other programs.

How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads
How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads

When they input their email, they are added to your list, and the free offer is included in the first follow-up email they get.

Step 2 – Direct Them to a Sales Page

Don’t waste their attention while you have it.

When you obtain your leads’ emails, you can reroute them automatically. Either they enter their information or verify their email address. At this point, you should direct them to a sales page. How I Doubled My Money

I direct people to my sales page, but instead of just saying, “Here, buy my goods before you’ve even received the free stuff I promised you,” I edit the video to include a brief introduction so that I can connect with people.

The title of this video is “thank you,” and I begin by saying, “Hey, thanks for signing up for your free ebook; it’s on its way to your email inbox, but real quick, while I’ve got you here…”

I then transition into a sales pitch.

But that’s only one approach to the situation.

You might direct users to a page with a one-time deal where they can get a product for a set price if they buy it within the next hour.

Or you may direct them to a page for a partner.

Alternatively, you might direct them to a page with a tonne of coupon codes for different amounts of money. affiliate merchandise

I’ve tried all three, and I think the first approach is best because I can easily use the other two afterward via email.

There are several options that you should explore for yourself, but they all share the fact that each page made money.

As a result, the websites that will profit from the traffic you bought for will receive it.

Step 3 – Add Them to an Auto-responder

Step 2 will only yield an initial return on investment from a small number of people, therefore it’s critical that you stay in touch with these leads and offer them a mix of information and sales.

Because that list still contains a tonne of money.

However, auto-responders are an entirely different topic.

How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads
How I Doubled My Money with Facebook Ads

The Cost

Let’s imagine, for illustration purposes, that each click from Facebook to your squeeze page costs you 20 cents.

Moreover, your 40% conversion rate on the squeeze page.

This implies that you will receive two leads for every dollar you pay.

If you will, 50 cents per lead.

Looking back at our $100 offering, we can see that for $100, 200 people can visit our sales page while 200 emails are being collected.

All you have to do is make sure your page converts, your offer is fantastic, and you’re using Facebook to target the appropriate demographic.

If everything goes according to plan and one in every 100 persons buys your goods, your earnings will increase by double.

It’s that easy.

While it is simple, it is not necessarily easy. Here, it’s crucial to focus on choosing the correct audience and creating a compelling offer that converts.

You’ll be giggling if you get that right.

Naturally, you can fully omit steps 1 and 3 and drive visitors to your sales page, but I believe it’s ideal to create a list concurrently.

After all, the list contains the money.

But let’s examine that choice right away.

Advertising Option 2

You can just direct visitors to your offer.

How come you would want to do this?

For starters, if you’re still paying 20 per click, you can direct 2.5 times as many visitors to your page before you break even. You could send 500 people instead of 200, which is a very enticing notion.


However, I do not advise choosing this, and I’ll explain why right away.

3 Reasons Why I Rarely Choose Option 2

First off, it’s doubtful that your cost per click will remain at 20 cents.

The number of times your ad is displayed before it is clicked determines your cost per click, and individuals are considerably more likely to click on an ad for a free offer than a paid one. How I Doubled My Money

As a result, your CPC increases. I’ve found that it’s typically by about 50%.

Second, you’ve already lost that advertising money if customers decide not to purchase your product. If you direct visitors to a squeeze page first, at least you can get their email.

Third, before making a purchase, customers prefer to understand who you are. particularly if it is an information product rather than software.

Before consumers start paying for it, they want to know that you can deliver high-quality material. Which you can achieve by providing a no-cost report or ebook.

You must establish a human connection.

Although I rarely use option 2 because I sell information items, there are situations when you might want to.

When To Choose Option 2

Option 2 is a terrific idea if you want to alert your fans about a sale you’re conducting. They are considerably more likely to buy from you since they already know who you are.

How I Doubled My Money

Additionally, if you’re promoting an affiliate product, it’s a wise choice. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of individuals promoting OptimisePress 2.0 since it is excellent software that customers truly want to purchase. All you need to do is direct them to the page, and James Dyson’s software will take care of the labor-intensive task for you.

A client testimonial is a good idea if you’re advertising it.

Every day, Brian Moran, the creator of Get10000fans, posts a sponsored story highlighting a client’s glowing review of his Timeline Blueprint course. That advertisement runs every day because it translates incredibly well. It directs visitors to his sales page, but the advertisement has excellent conversion rates.

Bonus Tip: Be Careful About Tracking Conversions with Facebook

Although Facebook’s methods do work, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t track conversions using them. You just need to exercise caution. How I Doubled My Money

Facebook will automatically change an ad from “CPC” to “Optimised for Conversions” when you make changes to a campaign that is currently running and has been optimized for cost per click (CPC) to measure conversions.

In essence, this indicates that you will have to start paying significantly more for those clicks.

At least for me, that is what took place.

Instead of paying 20 cents for every click, I wound up spending roughly $2.50, with disastrous effects. It used up my entire daily money in a matter of hours.

I’m not sure if Facebook is attempting to be cunning with this, but beware.

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