Best free YouTube video screen recorders 2023

Best free YouTube video screen recorders 2023

Top 10 Screen Recorders 2023

 We have updated our list of screen recorders for 2023. This time with better structure and more in-depth content.

There are both free and paid screen recorders on this list. We have also divided this list into categories based on its availability. Do they support Windows or Mac OS, for instance? Can you also use them as extensions for Chrome?

Best free YouTube video screen recorders 2023
Best free YouTube video screen recorders 2023

We have some fundamental information on screen recorders, like what it is, who should use one, how it may be useful, and how we came up with this list of the top screen recorders for 2023, if you’re completely new to screen recording.

For further information about the flow, we advise looking at this table of contents.   

  A screen recorder is what?

A screen recorder is a piece of software, an application, or a gadget that can record the computer screen. You may either use them as Chrome extensions or download them. Some screen recorders, like Vmaker, can also be added as extensions to Chrome.

This implies that anything that is being shown or played on your screen—including presentations, videos, and other media—can be recorded. The more sophisticated screen recording programmes, which we have discussed in this blog, do more than merely capture your screen.

Along with recording the screen, these screen recorders may also record audio and video via a camera. So you could also describe a screen recorder as an inexpensive, hassle-free video capturing tool.        

Who should use a screen recorder?

Anyone with a PC or laptop who wants to record a video can utilise a screen recorder.

You can work as a writer, manager, or supervisor. A screen recorder is the ideal tool for everyone who enjoys capturing YouTube videos, including gamers, teachers, freelancers, and others.

What are some uses for a screen recorder?

Screen recording has evolved into a highly useful technology, particularly since the pandemic when the majority of teams are remote-based. On Zoom, ongoing meetings seriously reduce employee productivity and lead to stress.

One of the best uses for a screen recorder is asynchronous communication, which emphasises conversing at a time that is convenient for both parties.      

You may communicate with your team by recording your screen, webcam, and microphone without worrying about them being online.

A screen recorder can also be helpful for brainstorming, debating workflows, sharing video feedback, and changing the way you interact with others. This is only one application, though.

The use of a screen recorder will alter based on what you do.

How were these lists created?

We didn’t create this list using a secret algorithm or artificial intelligence. Instead, we learned more about these technologies through our own research and made a list of their advantages and disadvantages.

In order to learn more about what actual consumers are saying about the product, we also combed through some software comparison websites.

The list of the top screen recorders for 2023

Now that everything is apparent, let’s learn more about the top screen recording programmes you should look into in 2023.             

1. Vmaker

One of the most popular screen recorders available is Vmaker. Despite being only two years old, it already has around 500,000 users worldwide. It’s available in Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, and more languages than English.

You can use Vmaker’s free plan indefinitely without having to pay anything. However, you can upgrade the subscription for as little as $7 per month if you want more sophisticated capabilities like screen annotation, a personalised background, and a recording scheduler.

Highlights of Vmaker

include its simplicity and lack of training requirements.

-Once you register, you are able to record an unlimited amount of videos for the rest of your life without having to pay anything.

– The videos don’t have watermarks, even on the free plan.

– Plans with a 4K recording quality. In the free plan, 720P

– For small teams and corporate businesses, the premium plans are strategically priced and equipped with more advanced capabilities.

Even scheduling a recording session with Vmaker is an option. Simply enter the time and date, and Vmaker will begin automatically recording your screen.

– If you run into trouble while utilising the free plan, the customer care team will assist you. Users of the pricier subscriptions receive a free app seminar, a personal account manager, and professional training.

– You may use the built-in video editor to resize, crop, and trim your films.

platforms supported: Chrome Extension for Windows, Mac, and


The following are Vmaker’s available prices, which are billed annually:

Lite – $0

Entree: $7

Team – $10

Business – Special price

Why use Vmaker, you ask?

Vmaker ought to be your first choice if you’re seeking for a screen recording application that won’t break the bank but has a long list of features. Additionally, it was developed by a big firm, is multi-platform, and is user-friendly.

2. Participant Presenter

As a potent e-learning authoring tool, Active Presenter has established a strong market position. In essence, it contains all the elements necessary for educators to employ while producing video classes. On their website, they feature a tonne of e-learning samples, including academic courses, games, quizzes, and simulations.

Best free YouTube video screen recorders 2023
Best free YouTube video screen recorders 2023

In addition, they have established a community with their target demographic in mind. Users can post feature requests and ask questions in this community. It is quite lively, and the ActivePresenter team is also very responsive.

The ability to import presentations and store projects as slide templates is another notable feature.

– Users may also include equations, icons, and animation and transition effects.

– Users are able to insert HTML codes without a URL or line of code.

Videos can be exported in the formats AVI, MP4, and HTML5.

Platforms supported: Windows and Mac OS


Although we thought the price was a little on the expensive side, you can still try it out if it fits in your budget.

3. Loom

In the market for screen recordings, Loom is a rising star. Everyone, from designers to recruiters, is entangled in the storm. Loom has received many positive reviews, and what sets it apart from competing products is its appealing layout. Even for someone who has never used screen recording before, getting started is fairly simple thanks to the uncluttered interface.

These several elements together account for their 7 million global users.

Key Features: It has a freemium plan, which is excellent for someone who only wants to try it out.

– The video you record is free of watermarks.

– The possibility to capture the video in HD format makes it ideal for making client onboarding and video resumes.

– It contains an analytics function that enables users to view the number of viewers.

platforms supported Chrome addon for Mac, Windows


Loom’s free plan enables you to get started, but there is a catch: you can only record for 5 minutes. Here is a screenshot of the pricing page so you can see Loom’s pricing structure better.


Screenrec is a programme for taking screenshots and recording displays. You can use it to take a screenshot of the entire screen or just a portion of it. As an alternative, you may utilise it to record your screen.

When the recording is finished, you can immediately share it with your colleagues. Screenrec bills itself as a communication tool that is far more effective than the ones already in use. They contend that while using a screen recording, you must demonstrate which is better rather than simply stating it.

The absence of a built-in video editor is Screenrec’s only drawback. This implies that you need to polish your recorded movies using a different tool.


Because it is cloud-based, sharing recorded videos with others doesn’t require you to spend time downloading Dropbox, YouTube, or Facebook.

– The URL you share with others is encrypted, so there are no security concerns.

– The videos you make and download don’t have a time limit for recording or watermarks.

– To make your task even simpler, you can attach a hotkey.

Supported platforms include Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Pricing \sFree


Bandicam’s mission statement is to record and capture everything you want on your PC screen. And we believe it performs its duties fairly effectively.

A simple screen recording tool made especially for the Windows operating system is called Bandicam. As a result of the ability for players to film their gameplay and submit it immediately to YouTube and Vimeo, it appears that it has been created with gamers in mind. Additionally, they offer a game recording option that enables lag-free video recording.

Key Highlights

 – What sets Bandicam apart are the numerous screen recording options.

– Users can record external video devices like Xbox, PlayStation, Smartphones, and IPTV using the device recording capability.

– The cursor effect can be altered to improve your recording experience.

– They can simultaneously record their computer’s screen and a Chroma key video.

Windows supported platforms



Without Camtasia, this list would not have been complete. Techsmith developed the screen recording and video editing software Camtasia.

They market their product as a tool that enables customers to create instructive, demo, and training movies, and it has a sizable user base. People from various industries use it because of this placement method.

They take delight in demonstrating how many Fortune 500 firms use Camtasia in their daily operations, including Apple Inc., AT&T, Pepsi, Amazon, and Google.

Key points

 – When recording videos on your computer screen with Camtasia, you can include music. They feature a library of audio, sound effects, and music that is free to use.

You have the option to just record specific portions of the screen.

– You can apply effects to your recording, annotations, and cursor motions using the animation feature.

– You may add captions to the video in a few easy steps to ensure that the viewer is paying attention to what you’re saying.

Windows and Mac are supported as platforms.


Camtasia has a pricing strategy based on the type of user, but it also depends on the number of users.

Individuals in the business world, government agencies, and nonprofit group

7. Ezvid

Free and quick screen recording software is called Ezvid. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Ezvid website is that it appears to be quite straightforward.

Ezvid offers the most straightforward-looking website in our review, with a monochromatic layout. But don’t be fooled by the website’s uncomplicated appearance. It has some strong capabilities that let you record videos in excellent resolution.

Key features include an inside video editor that gives your videos an added layer of clarity.

– The movies are automatically stored while you are filming, so even if you close the window by mistake, no data will be lost.

– Your video’s computer audio is instantaneously produced with the Speed Synthesis tool.

– You can also include music when you’re recording videos.

Windows supported platforms

Pricing \sFree

However, you can only record videos for a maximum of 45 minutes.


In 189 countries, there are more than 15 million users of Screencastify. That says a lot about their notoriety and influence.

They have made a name for themselves as a screen recording tool for educational institutions like schools. They also give these institutions a discount on their costs in order to entice them to use Screencastify. Record, modify, and submit are the three aspects of this tool. Best free YouTube video

The only purpose of the record portion is to capture videos. Following completion of the recording, it is saved in your Google Drive and is available for download and sharing. Advanced video editing tools are included in the edit version. Additionally, you can upload outside videos for editing.

Screencastify has a neat function called Submit. With Submit, you may provide a group of people a special link that will allow them to send you videos. You can save each of these films to your Google Drive. This helps teachers collect homework from students.

Key points:

 In general, it’s a fantastic tool for teachers. Here, Screencastify did a fantastic job.

– The functionalities are clearly differentiated, allowing users to select only those that they require.

– Screencastify does not require download, in contrast to other tools. It’s currently only accessible via the web version.

– You can upload videos directly to YouTube. The videos that were downloaded are in the MP4 and GIF formats.

Google Chrome extension supported platforms


The costs to record, edit, and submit are all different. All of them have a free version, but the recording and editing time is limited to 5 minutes. One active task is all you can work on before submitting.


MangoApps created the screen recording tool called TinyTake. You can also take screenshots in addition to screen recordings.

It has all the necessary capabilities and has a straightforward UI. To improve communication, TinyTake advises you to snap screenshots or film videos, annotate them, and then share them with your colleagues. Best free YouTube video

It makes the claim that it is the market’s quickest tool for doing it so well.

Key details

 – The videos you make with TinyTake don’t have watermarks.

– You have the option to establish hotkeys and select the recording area.

Additionally, you are able to drag and drop images from your local drive.

– After taking a screenshot, you can send it to your printer, copy it to your clipboard, or share it via email.

Supported platforms Windows and Mac Cost

TinyTake’s price is broken down into four categories: Basic, Standard, Plus, and Jumbo.


Nimbus is a Chrome addon that allows both screenshots and screen recording. As a cloud-based tool, your recorded movies are preserved there and available for download at a later time.

You can include keyboard shortcuts to make regular use simple. Images may be saved in a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, and BNP. The screenshot photos can be sent directly to the printer, just as TinyTake. Best free YouTube video

Key details

– You can customise the video with your own watermarks.

– There is also a facility for editing and annotating.

– The video screen resolution and frame rate can also be adjusted.

– You can capture footage of a different running programme.

Chrome plug-in with platform support


The free edition of Nimbus is excellent. It does, however, prevent the user from accessing all the functionality. Here is a summary of the pricing options. – Best free YouTube video

It’s done.

That was all about the top screen recorders for 2023, including their specs and prices.

Choose any screen recorder that is compatible with your OS if you want to start using one. You may test out the tools as the majority of them provide free plans, then choose the one that best suits your requirements. Best free YouTube video

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