A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner's 9-year prison sentence

A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

A Russian court has upheld Brittany Griner’s nine-year sentence.

The American basketball star’s appeal was rejected by a Moscow court in what the White House described as ‘another disgraceful judicial proceeding’.

A Russian court has upheld a nine-year prison sentence against American basketball player Brittany Griner, prompting renewed calls from the United States for her release.

A Moscow regional court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Greiner, who was convicted and sentenced in August on drug charges, in what the White House called “another disgraceful judicial proceeding.”.

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) star and two-time Olympic gold medalist Gurner was arrested in February at a Moscow airport with vape cartridges containing cannabis oil, which is illegal in Russia. Wife of Brittany Griner

A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner's 9-year prison sentence
A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

In a statement, US national security adviser Jack Sullivan said, “We are aware of reports coming out of Russia that Brittany Griner is being unlawfully imprisoned in intolerable conditions after undergoing yet another shameful trial today.” Will.”

President Biden has made it abundantly clear that Brittany must be promptly released. Brittany Greiner’s salary in Russia

Greiner’s arrest earlier this year came just days before Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, and his trial moved through the Russian court system amid strained relations between Moscow and Washington over the war. has gone National Anthem by Brittany Griner

He is one of two American citizens who Washington has said are unjustly imprisoned in Russia. US Marine veteran Paul Whelan was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2020 for espionage. How bad are Russian prisons?

On Tuesday, Gurner’s lawyers argued in court that the nine-year sentence he received was excessive.

“The sentence imposed does not correspond to the severity of the crime,” Maria Blagovlina said during Griner’s appeal hearing. “A sentence of nine years in prison is inconsistent with the legal system.”

In previous proceedings, Griner said she had not intended to bring the vape cartridges into Russia, saying it was an “honest mistake” that they ended up in her bag. Wife of Brittany Griner

Brittany Griner/Wife

Since Gerner’s arrest, relatives, colleagues, and supporters have been calling on the US government to throw its full weight behind the case to ensure his release. Brittany Greiner Russia Salary

Last month, US President Joe Biden met with Gerner and Whalen’s families to share his administration’s efforts.

Sullivan said Tuesday that the U.S. “continues to engage with Russia through every available channel” to repatriate the two imprisoned Americans. How bad are Russian prisons?

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said in July that Washington had made a “substantial offer” to Moscow to free Greiner and Whelan.

Around this time, several US media outlets reported that the Biden administration had offered a prisoner exchange that included a Russian arms dealer imprisoned in the US. National Anthem by Brittany Griner

Earlier this month, former US diplomat Bill Richardson, who traveled to Moscow in September and met with Russian officials, told CNN that Gurner and Whalen could be freed by the end of the year.

“I’m cautiously optimistic about the Greiner [and] Whalen negotiations,” said Richardson, who works privately to secure the release of U.S. citizens held overseas. A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner's 9-year prison sentence
A Russian court upheld Brittany Griner’s 9-year prison sentence

Despite worsening relations between Washington and Moscow, in April Russia released former US Marine Trevor Reed. In exchange, the United States released Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who was serving a 20-year prison sentence in the United States on drug charges.

A Russian court on Tuesday upheld American basketball star Brittany Griner’s nine-year sentence in a Russian penal colony, following legal proceedings that a White House official called a “sham.”

Greiner was arrested at a Moscow airport in February after airport officials discovered vape canisters and cannabis oil in his luggage. But it wasn’t until March that he was detained in the United States. He admitted to smuggling drugs into the country. He was given a nine-year prison term by a Russian court in August. Multiple news outlets reported that Gerner’s attorney had asked for a suspended sentence in Tuesday’s appeal but said he wasn’t expecting any “miracles.”

The New York Times reported Tuesday that the court’s decision means Greiner will begin serving her sentence soon unless the Biden administration negotiates her release. Greiner’s wife, Cheryl Greiner, expressed concern about the possibility earlier this month.

Cheryl Griner said earlier this month that once that hearing is done and the order is finalized … it could be moved to a labor camp. “My mind can’t even begin to imagine it.”

Is there a death penalty in Russia?

The death penalty is a legal punishment in Russia, but it is not used due to a moratorium and no executions or executions have been carried out since 02/08/1996.

How bad are Russian women’s prisons?

The White House has been working for months to secure Brittany Griner’s release from Russia, where she has played professionally since 2014. Experts say the length of his sentence appears to be politically motivated. Russian prisons are dangerous.

There are also concerns about the notoriously harsh conditions in Russian prisons and the treatment of Greiner, who is gay, in a country known for its persecution of homosexuals.

In a statement, national security adviser Jack Sullivan reiterated the White House’s position that Greiner should be released immediately. The worst Russian prisons

The Biden-Harris administration has made every effort to support and push for Britney’s return as well as that of other Americans jailed in Russia, notably fellow wrongful prisoner Paul Whelan, in recent weeks. It has continued to contact Russia via all channels available. Tried as much as possible.” They said. How strict are Russian prisons?

Where do prisoners go in Russia?

Most prison facilities in Russia are known as penal colonies because inmates are forced to perform labor during their sentences. These institutions inherited many of their practices from the gulags, a network of forced labor camps that spanned the Soviet Union.

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Russian Prisons vs. Americans

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