8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing

8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing

8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing

The effects of B2B influencer marketing will naturally take longer to take hold because the considerations that go into a B2B purchase decision are frequently more complex and extensive than those that go into consumer purchases. Theoretically, consumer goods companies could pay some models to advertise bikinis on Instagram and see a quick increase in sales. B2B doesn’t operate that way.

8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing
8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing

Furthermore, it will probably take longer for the effects of B2B influencer marketing to reach a wide range of decision-makers because the majority of B2B purchases involve multiple decision-makers. We should all use more influencers in conjunction with account-based marketing because of this, incidentally (Open Link in new window).

We at Convince & Convert believe that you shouldn’t aim to work with B2B influencers for more than a year at a time and that you shouldn’t anticipate results from a B2B influencer marketing programme for at least six months. Compared to B2C influencer campaigns, which can last as little as 30 days, this is very different.

Look First for Existing Advocates

I’ll generalise by saying that businesses are overly keen to search outside of their own ecosystems for “new” influencers. Outstanding brand ambassadors with in-depth subject knowledge are frequently already connected to the company in some way.

Once you are clear on why you want to engage in B2B influencer marketing at all, the first step should be to thoroughly review and assess your current clients, followers, business partners, and staff for indications of advocacy and influence. It can be incredibly insightful to examine the relative social influence of each person who follows the brand on Twitter using a tool like Cision(Open Link in new window) (a Convince & Convert partner) or FollowerWonk(Open Link in new window). Now that social media is so pervasive, it’s entirely possible that influencers are frequently talking about your brand without your knowledge (until you make a specific effort to identify them).

8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing
8 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing

These individuals make up the initial pool of potential B2B influencers because they have an established affinity.

Look Second for Who Influencers Your Customers

Influencing prospective clients is the goal of advertising. Influencer marketing aims to sway the opinion of those who could become your future clients. It’s one step removed.

Knowing who your clients are already reading, watching, and listening to is really helpful if you want to identify who will really resonate as a B2B influencer—which you do. I adore the Affinio(Open Link in new window) software for this job since we utilised it to identify the Convince & Convert followers who have the most influence and used that list to, among other things, choose podcast guests. It’s smooth. But if you don’t want to spend money on a software licence, try doing a brief customer survey with Typeform(Open Link in new window) or a comparable tool. Find out particularly who they read, watch, and listen to. We’ve conducted similar research, and I recommend including a trust-related question, along the lines of, “Among this list of B2B influencers you’ve acknowledged you listen to, read, or watch.  

Don’t Focus Only on Social Strength

Although social media reach is frequently regarded as a crucial indicator of influence, it’s not the only approach to assess the viability of B2B influencer marketing. In actuality, some of the biggest influencers on the planet barely use social media. Seth Godin, for instance, has enormous influence in the marketing field. But he uses social media sparingly or not at all. We consider possible participants for B2B influencer marketing programmes for customers who may not be social media whizzes but who are regarded authors, presenters, thinkers, podcasters, and researchers. Yes, running a report to “find” influencers using only the social footprint as the criterion is easier and quicker, but I can absolutely guarantee that doing that will leave out a lot of the truly influential people who your customers respect.

Create B2B Influencer Dossiers

It’s tremendously helpful to be able to compare prospective influencers using uniform data and a standard format once you’ve compiled a list of them. For this reason, I consistently urge creating influencer dossiers. 8 Things You Must

This is a document that examines the positives, negatives, backgrounds, and interests of each potential influencer. It’s typically in Keynote for us, but it doesn’t really matter. Chart for each individual:

  • social networks
  • participation rates
  • issues addressed
  • used Hashtags
  • geography
  • best-performing pertinent articles and content
  • Influencer contacts and work history in the sector
  • any cautionary or red flags
  • venues for non-social influence, such as books, speeches, and podcasts
  • media attention
  • results of your analysis of this person’s relevance to your customer’s b2b influencer marketing

Be Hyper-Aware of B2B Influencer Conflicts

Many B2C influencers rely entirely or primarily on product recommendations to support their lifestyle. B2B influencer marketing is different from that. The majority of B2B influencers work a “day job,” and in part, their influence comes from that position.

The influencer may occasionally be a lone proprietor or lead a business, but she is still a part of that corporation. Due to pre-existing relationships, business alliances, or employment restrictions, B2B influencer marketing programmes are significantly more likely to encounter situations in which a suggested influencer cannot engage, or at least cannot contribute in a way that your brand would find ideal. 8 Things You Must

Another reason to make sure you give yourself enough time to identify and engage B2B influencers is because of this. We believe that 60 days is the minimum amount of time needed to conduct research, contact influencers, determine what is feasible, what would result in an unworkable conflict, etc. 8 Things You Must

Build Relationships with Trends and Predictions

It’s a good idea to develop those relationships gradually when dealing with a B2B influencer for the first time. If they aren’t already fervent supporters, they probably won’t jump at the chance to collaborate right away.

A more effective strategy is to compile a carefully curated collection of influencer thoughts in order to benefit from their connections and wealth of knowledge. These articles, such as “23 content strategists foresee 2018 trends,” have probably been published before. Here is one that Scott Stratten, Jeff Bullas, Mark Schaefer, Neal Shaffer, and I made for Cision. It is titled “Listen: 5 Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore(Open Link in New Window)” and it includes our names. Because it doesn’t take up a lot of the influencers’ time and provides a decent introduction to the business, its offerings, and its messaging, this is a terrific initial step in developing partnerships. Expand and strengthen the partnership to include co-creation and promotion of more in-depth and comprehensive material after finding success with an initial trends/predictions report. A brand-led podcast is another effective approach to introducing yourself to potential influencers.

Spend the Time to Educate on Products

It is crucial that you invest time in thoroughly educating the participants in your B2B influencer marketing programme about your business, products, customers, rivals, and culture when you’re ready to take the relationship beyond a trend piece. Unfortunately, this step is frequently skipped. I believe the reason is that brands fear they may be imposing on their influencers if they demand so much time for education. However, based on my observations, if the influencer is really interested in the business, they want to know as much as they can for two reasons. First, the finest influencers truly care about the business and the industry, making the time spent learning more about its inner workings enjoyable rather than tedious. Second, B2B influencers understand that the more they learn, the more effective they can be because they’ll be able to tell company stories in their own words better. This is especially true for those who have some experience with these kinds of programmes. 8 Things You Must

Attract Influencers to Your Brand

Most of the time, you’ll “recruit” people for your B2B influencer marketing programme by going out and finding them. However, it need not always be that way. In fact, some of the most effective influencer campaigns in history flip this dynamic. When this happens, the brand has succeeded in building a strong enough community and body of exceptional content that influencers naturally show up and engage.

The recently defunct Inbound.org community of Hubspot is an illustration of this influencer attraction in action. This is what the greatest conferences do. Digital influencers are gathered by Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing World and Mike Stelzner’s Social Media Marketing World similar to how Kim Kardashian gathers oddball baby names. Most of the time, finding participants in your B2B influencer marketing programme is how you “recruit” them. 8 Things You Must

It need not, however, always be that way. In actuality, this relationship is flipped in some of the most successful influencer efforts in history. When this occurs, the brand has been successful in creating a strong enough community and body of outstanding content that influencers inevitably appear and interact with. 8 Things You Must

An example of this influencer attraction in action is the Hubspot community’s recently defunct Inbound.org. The best conferences function in this way. Similar to how Kim Kardashian collects strange baby names, Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing World and Mike Stelzner’s Social Media Marketing World compile digital influencers. 8 Things You Must

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